Cebu in the Bag – The Great Cebu Sale 2013

When in Cebu, shopping is one of the best thing you could do aside from touring around the city and tasting all sorts of lechon. In line with Cebu Business Month, the brand “Cebu in the Bag” for the Great Cebu Sale 2013 has been launched with over 70 participating merchants.

Cebu in the Bag (3)

Cebu in the Bag (5)

Miss  Namrata “Neesh” Murjani (fourth from the left), crowned Miss Cebu 2013,

strike a pose at the Cebu in the Bag Grand Launch.

In its 17th year, Cebu Business Month aims to institutionalize its Great Cebu Sale with the brand “Cebu in the Bag”. Targeted to someday rival the annual sale events in Singapore or Hong Kong, Cebu in the Bag will run with over 70 establishments participating from the retail, export, and tourism sectors. Participants of the Cebu in the Bag Grand Sale can offer up to 50% off their products and services.

Cebu in the Bag brand was launched in a talk show-like event hosted by top news personality, Karen Davila, and participated by Lito Maderazo (CCCI Chairman), Melanie Ng (Cebu Business Month 2013 Chairperson), and Camille Villarreal-Aldeguer (Great Cebu Sale Chairperson).

Cebu in the Bag (8)

CCCI Chairman Lito Maderazo, CBM 2013 Chairperson Melanie Ng,

Great Cebu Sale Chairperson Camille Villarreal-Aldeguer,

and Top News Anchor Karen Davila at Cebu Start.

Cebu in the Bag aims to put Cebu as one of the top shopping destinations in the region then in the country then in Asia. It plans to start small and aims to grow bigger in the years to come as more and more retailers participate in the said grand sale.

Cebu, being one of the leading exporters of high quality furniture in the country, can leverage on this as it catapults itself into becoming a top shopping destination. According to Maderazo, Cebuanos are by nature traders and entrepreneurs, which gives them an advantage when it comes to business and commerce. Trade in Cebu has been prominent for quite a long time including fashion accessories and furniture. By putting more creative value on their products, it gives Cebu an edge when competing against other shopping hot spots.

The overall Cebu experience is a reason to go to this locale. Businessmen can go there to create networks. Tourists can visit to explore the city. Shoppers can fly in to get world-class products. Maderazo stressed that the sale is not limited on shopping malls but the sale is in the entire island of Cebu.

Cebu in the Bag (1)

 Cebu in the Bag – Cebu is on Sale!

Acting Cebu Gov. Agnes Magpale graced the occasion and mentioned that stakeholders are working on the expansion of the Mactan Cebu International Airport. This is in line with Cebu bidding to host the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in 2015.

Cebu in the Bag (7)

Acting Cebu Gov. Agnes Magpale (sixth from the left) at the Cebu in the Bag Launch.

Aldeguer mentioned, “Cebu specifically has a different flavor so we have something special to offer. We have partnered with major malls and all of their merchants who are on sale to up to 50% off. I think what makes it really special is because for the first time our world-class exporters such as Clayton Tugonon, Janice Minor, and Dedon, just to name a few, are opening their doors to the public.” 

Cebu in the Bag (11)

Ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the official launch of the brand “Cebu in the Bag”. 

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