Cathy Kathy: The Secret to Achieving Captivating Glamorous Nails

Our nails tell a lot about us–our style, personality, favorite color, and even hygiene. This is why beautiful nails are the best way to cap our OOTDs! However, choosing the perfect polish is not as easy as it seems. You know what I mean–there’s cute, and then there’s wonderful; there’s okay, and then there’s perfect! But of course, you’ll only know the difference once you’ve experienced some of the best. As a woman in her late twenties, I’ve undergone a lot of manicures in this life, but nothing compares to my experience with Cathy Kathy gel nail polish.


Somewhere along the way, I got tired of deciding which color to pick every time I go to a nail salon and have always gone with white since then. It was a safe pick since every salon has them, but what I didn’t realize is that it turns yellow after a while. It counters the purpose of choosing white, which is to make my nails look neat and clean. Plus, they are very neutral so I can wear whatever color of clothes I feel like wearing, so changing my go-to nail polish color was never an option for me.


Then, I started buying those trendy nail polishes “for a reasonable price” to retouch them at home. The problem with that, on the other hand, is that white is very receptive to shadows. Clumpy nail polish became my worst enemy, or tiny mishaps that cause smudges. Although, it does not come as a surprise as you only get what you pay for. I’ve even experienced some that look like correction fluid as they aren’t nearly as smooth or pigmented. For a bearable price difference, Cathy Kathy elevated my nails by a huge margin!


They offer two types of nail polish: Japanese gel and premium gel. Their Tokyo Collection (Japanese gel) consists of 60 colors that depict the city’s vibrant, cute, and fashion-forward lifestyle. They are highly pigmented that allow a single coat application, which also makes them versatile for nail art. Meanwhile, the Nordic Edition Premium gel includes 108 Scandinavian-inspired hues that resonate with the Northern lights, the colorful neighborhoods in Norway, and the fur fashion in Iceland. They are minimalist, sophisticated, and carefully curated, especially for those who like their nails in a specific way (yes, that’s us!).


All Cathy Kathy gel polishes are also toxic-free, cruelty-free, and (drumroll, please…) pregnancy-safe! That being said, everyone–including expecting moms–can definitely glam up their nails with these nail products. 

They are also best paired with a polygel nail extension! This lightweight and flexible nail enhancement gives more natural-looking long nails, ideal for people who can’t stand the smell of acrylic. Cathy Kathy polygel acryl gel is made without the bad scent, and can be easily applied at home with a Cathy Kathy 54 watts UV/LED lamp to cure gel products within 30 seconds in low-heat mode (for those quite sensitive to heat).


As for me, I’ve tried it at The Secret Lounge in BF Homes Parañaque, but they also have a branch in BGC. There are also a lot of Manila-based clients/businesses where you, too, can get your nails done with Cathy Kathy gel products. You can visit Okada’s The Retreat Spa, and Nailandia One Oasis Pasig; or simply send them a message through Facebook or Instagram (@CathyKathyPH) if you want them to recommend a spa/salon near you!

Spa/salon business owners may also request a product demo! Just avail of their special prices from their website with 20% off using discount code WIMGel20 until August 31, 2022. Visit for more details!