7 Cast Iron Pans That Will Let You Cook Like a Boss

Cast iron is a popular weapon of choice by professional chefs and home cooks. People who love to sweat it out in the kitchen would agree that a cast iron skillet is a basic tool for cooking. However, with an overwhelming number of choices out there, it is worth doing some digging to find the suitable cast iron pan for your kitchen and cooking style.

This heavy-duty cookware is incredibly sturdy. Additionally, it has superior heat retention compared to other common cooking vessels. Due to this, cast iron skillets and pans are perfect for searing meat. They can also be used for other meal preparations like stir-frying veggies or creating a deep-dish pizza.

Aside from these benefits, cast iron skillets develop a natural patina over time that’s called its “seasoning” as you cook frequently with it. This seasoning is layer upon layer of oil that has been baked onto the metal. This will prevent it from rusting and will also create a naturally nonstick surface that makes for easy clean-up.

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7. Basic Cast Iron Pan

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Cast iron skillets can be expensive, but it is still possible to find options that are light on the wallet but can hold their own against high-end options. This basic cast iron pan is an ideal choice among newbie home cooks since it is incredibly affordable. Priced at P575 (original price is at P1,725), it is a nice way to start with cast iron cooking and build up a solid seasoning.

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6. Japanese Style Square Cast Iron Pan

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Made of cast iron material, this is proven durable and reliable. It is coated with High-temperature resistant paint with a non-stick coating. The smooth surface of this skillet ensures that nothing will stick to it when cooking. Since it is non-stick, it is easy to clean and maintain. The non-slip handle guarantees safety when using it. Rugged rivets connect the handle and the pan to ensure durability.

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5. Cast Iron Pan (Three Sizes)

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Need three cast iron pans to cook all the dishes you want? Worry no more because this bundle offers three skillets of different sizes. Cast iron pans are known to be durable so you can be sure these can stand the test of time in the kitchen.

The interior of these pans is highly scratch resistant. They are perfect whether you want to make a frittata for breakfast or sear a steak for dinner. They guarantee even heat distribution to ensure that your food is cooked properly and thoroughly. They heat up fast so you can cook efficiently whether on gas, electric, or induction stove.

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4. Cast Iron Grill Frying Pan

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To give meat and other ingredients those delicious char marks without using a traditional grill, you can use a cast iron grill pan. This is a great alternative especially for individuals living in small homes that do not have an outdoor grilling space. This cast iron grill pan has ribs on its interior that brings the appearance of your meal to the next level. Moreover, you can collect drippings after to bring back the flavor to your food. Its square shape lets you comfortably fit two steaks in the pan at once. Although it has notches as grill marks, it is still easy to clean.

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3. Konco Iron Wok Cast Iron Pan

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This cast iron pan has an uncoated wok surface that is non-stick and does not contain any chemical coating. It really provides an unadulterated cooking experience. The pan comes with a  wooden handle that never gets too hot to touch.

This pan contains 99% iron that is extremely durable and is claimed to promote good blood health. With this material, heat is conducted evenly, which ensures quick and proper cooking of your food.

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2. Non-Stick Cast Iron Skillet

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This is one of the most sought-after cast iron skillets around due to its value and performance. This reliable and durable cast iron cookware is top-notch in providing service when you have to cook steak, vegetables, or any other food. It has even heating and good thermal conductivity for efficiently cooking your meals. Out of the box, this pan has no chemical non-stick coating and will only need good old vegetable oil spraying for simple rust protection.

This non-stick skillet is multi-functional—perfect for frying, stir-frying, and deep-frying. It is very practical to use. You can use it on a gas stove, induction cooker, outdoor open fire, and oven but it is not suitable for a microwave oven.

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1. Deep Cast Iron Pan

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Regular cast iron skillets usually have a depth of 2 or 3 inches but if you will be making a sauce in it, you will need on that is deeper. This cast iron pot provides a spacious interior where you can prepare liquid food items. It comes with a matching lid so you can use it to braise meat aside from preparing sauces in it.

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