Caring for the Environment is Cool Now. Here’s How You Can Do It

Written by Ian Galero

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The issue of climate change first began to surface roughly 30 years ago, but there are still those that deny its existence or refuse to help or acknowledge it. Lately, there have been renewed interest in the environment.

It’s hard to identify the exact tipping point, but we’ve seen that dramatic National Geographic cover featuring the plastic bag stylized as an iceberg in the ocean and the viral popularity of figures like the late Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) secretary Gina Lopez and Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg. For a younger generation, there’s the introduction of the VSCO girl, a meme of a, well, girl that says, “save the turtles” and a laugh that goes “sksksksksk.”

@koobydoobydoobydoovsco girl makes you feel welcome on ur first day ##foryou ##foryoupage ##pookashell ##vsco ##vscogirl♬ original sound – koobydoobydoobydoo

Suddenly, it’s cool to care about the environment again. From ditching single-use plastic utensils to #SaveTheTurtles, campaigning for a greener and cleaner earth has never been as popular as it is now. There are a ton of global and local projects that aim to preserve nature in different ways. From charity drives to small-scale campaigns, everyone is taking part in this green living phenomenon.

The best part about all of this is that anyone can do it in their own simple way. Yes, that includes you!

Say goodbye to single-use plastic


Plastics take a long time to degrade. What that means is that those wrappers or milk tea straws you use can end up somewhere it shouldn’t. They block sewage systems, start floods, and end up in the sea where marine life can mistake it for food. Poor Nemo! Instead of single-use plastic, try reusable alternatives you already have. Bring your own utensils. Get a reusable water container with a cool design. Aside from the usual reuse, reduce, recycle, make sure to refuse any unnecessary plastic. Skip the straw and you might save a fish.

Nothing Like Nature


Before technology became smarter and more pocketable, humans have always turned to nature for their different needs. Trees have always been there to provide shade during a daytime stroll, while wildflowers were there to spice up some guy’s cheesy moment. Nature has always had our back, so when did things start changing?

The breeze you get from riding your bike feels so much better compared to just sitting in a car. Eating a home-made lunch beats stressing over the long line in a fast food joint or eating in front of a computer. The next time you go out with someone, consider going to a nearby park for a slice of nature. Feel the breeze, slow down, and take a nice long walk to de-stress from the city rush.

A Different Kind of Energy

To keep progress going while preserving as much of our natural beauty as we can, clean and renewable energy is needed to fuel productivity. Solar and wind energy are popular and getting more affordable, however, they are also intermittent—dependent on sunlight and wind speed for their availability. During times that they’re unavailable, natural gas can help support these sources and keep the lights on.

Natural Gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels and is the perfect partner to wind and solar energy. With its high flexibility and reliability, it can generate dependable power when the other two are unavailable or if there is a sudden need for additional energy. On top of that, it’s also affordable and emits much less carbon dioxide than coal. Finally, it also produces electricity without harmful byproducts such as sludge or ash residue that compromise health and the environment.

Natural Gas in the Philippines

Luckily for us here in the Philippines, we have a company that utilizes natural gas in powering homes. With 58% of its portfolio using natural gas, First Gen has been paving the way of using natural gas as a source for our electricity needs. Their drive to provide Filipinos clean and affordable energy is evident in their power plants. They do not use coal at all. In 2018, they provided 23% of the entire Philippine power supply with their numerous power plants around the country. Besides natural gas, they utilize geothermal, wind, hydro, and solar energy to ensure a perfect combination of clean, renewable, and efficient power.

Whether it’s what you use or how you enjoy, there are a ton of ways for you to live a cleaner lifestyle. What’s important is to use what we already have to the fullest to avoid any waste. Use that tumbler you got last Christmas, or learn more about how clean energy sources can make a difference towards a cleaner future. A lot of these little things add up, and any small effort is a huge help to our world. We only have one, so let’s make the most out of it and pick the smarter, cleaner choice.

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