Careless Music’s Massiah Releases “Island City” Music Video featuring Because

Careless Music’s Haissam Morton, or better known as Massiah has just released the music video for his debut album Lahi’s lead single, Island City featuring Because today, April 2, 2022.

Just a month after Massiah released his debut album “Lahi”, Careless Music further expands the album experience by dropping the music video for Island City with rapper Because.


The music video is the visual interpretation of the surprising yet entertaining collaboration between Massiah and Because. “He’s perfect for the feature,” shared Massiah, “he has always been one to set the bar in rap and RnB in the country.”

Massiah is very vocal about his delight when Because agreed to be part of his debut album’s lead single, “I wasn’t expecting him to accept my invitation but when he did, I was elated! He killed the verse to my pleasure!”

The music video tells the story of Massiah’s contemplation between his life in the islands compared to the fast-paced city life amplified by Because’s rap
verse. Being born in the beautiful Visayan province of Dumaguete in the Philippines and being raised in Ghana, Massiah’s portrayal of the laid back beauty of
living life in the islands is very picturesque and translates visually through the music video. Also featured in the music video as Massiah and Because’s love interests are influencer models, Chucel Njigha and Xena Ramos.

Although contrary to the two places in the title, the scenes were shot in the mountains. The creative team shared that the sky and the landscapes served as the perfect backdrop to the performance shots of Massiah and Because as they contemplate their island and city lives.

“I was personally intrigued by how Massiah and Because were going to be together in front of the camera. Evidently the chemistry worked [especially with] merging two artists with different roots and rapper personas,” shared the music video director, Heidi Bayani.

Off-camera, Massiah and Because have an interesting relationship with each other. Massiah describes it as a “chill friendship”, one that is low maintenance. “As artists, we understand the space each of us need and [we] are able to provide that to each other but when we link up, it’s always something special and fun,” shared Massiah.

The “Island City” music video is available for viewing on Careless Music’s YouTube page.