Car Modelling: Model Speaks Up on New “Trend” in Selecting Models

Any profession we choose requires time and practice for us to get to the top. However, when it comes to professions that require us to be more creative or artistic (i.e. photography, videography, modelling), people seem to think it doesn’t require as much time and effort.

Even models go through a lot to be able to get to where they are today. One car model speaks up on how she feels the industry today is degrading her skills:

“Nakakawalang gana na magmodel sa Car Scene, Kase kung sino sino nalang na model yung kinukuha. Yung tipong nakasama lang sa inuman, tambay at kung anu anu tapos willing magsuot ng damit na kita kaluluwa, kinuha na agad na model. Kamusta naman yung mga models na pinagtrabahuhan talaga yung estado niya sa Mundo ng Modeling? Mas madalas sila pa yung walang events kase, si Sponsor (Car Guy) may nakuhang mas mababa ang tf at willing magsuot ng halos hubad na para lang makapagmodel sa car show. Minsan pa, Si Aspiring Model nakapagcarshow lang ng isang beses self proclaimed na na Car Babe! Sila pa yung may Attitude Problems. Wtf. Asan na ang Standards ng Carshows? Kung baga, kung kaliwa’t kanan ang Car Scene, kung sino sino nalang yung kinukuhang Model. Asan ang hustisya? Just Saying”

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Rough English Translation:

“Modelling in the car scene is starting to turn me off as it seems random women with no experience are being hired. Girls who they met at the bar or night out are immediately hired to be models as long as she’s willing to wear something sexy and revealing. How unfair is this for the models who really worked hard to get to where we are in the world of modelling? More often than not, it’s the professional models who don’t get a gig because the sponsor (car guy) found a less expensive model who is willing to wear a skimpy outfit during the car show. At times, these aspiring models would even proclaim themselves as car babes. What happened to the standards in car shows?  Where is the justice in this? Just saying.”

What do you guys think of this? Do you agree with her sentiments?

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