Capital G Summer Showcase: Philippine Allstars and More

The Hip Hop dance queen Chelo Aestrid and her amazing Capital G studio completely blew my mind away last night at their Summer Showcase. Whether you are completely new to the OPM (Original Positive Movement) or a veteran, their performance was sure to wow.





The show was a collection of everything that the various different classes at Capital G have been working on. From the youngest class of around 6 year olds, (who were bloody brilliant) up to the more advanced classes, there was so much talent throughout the night.

The full list of performances included Pole Dancing, Philippine Beatbox, the Phil Allstars and a performance by Chelo herself!




I have had 0 dance lessons and it definitely shows, but by the end of the night I was bobbing along to the spectacular show, because these people simply inspire! It’s invigorating to see such focus, such dedication to something as primal as dance. The students and teachers alike have true passion and that reflects in their dancing.


If you are at all interested, or think you might be interested, or even KNOW someone that might be interested, you should DEFINITELY swing by Capital G. They teach people of all levels and you will be training with the best in the biz.

Literally. Plus they have a killer brand with swag out the wazoo. Check ’em out at Robinsons Galleria.



There is only so much I can do to describe how amazing the show was, so just watch the video instead. I wanted to record everything which ended up killing my battery, so I had to switch over to my old iPhone at some point but luckily my friend FPJ from Manual to Lyf was able to catch the whole thing. Check out this video, or any of the other 6!!

When in Manila, you must get some of the freshest apparel in Manila at Capital G! In no time you’ll be looking like a pro while dancing with the pros. Check them out below: