Can’t Wait to Travel? Save up for Your Next Trip With This Stylish Travel Fund Box

Whether you’re a certified travel bug or you’re a homebody, the year-and-a-half-long community quarantine just might have given you the urge to travel and see the world again. I am personally more than ready to be back out there.

One thing I’ve realized about travel these past months is that this is a great opportunity to prepare and save up for our next trip. It may not be easy given the current global situation, but having something to look forward to can get your spirits up!

If you’re also planning to start saving up for future travels, here’s something that can help you!

travel fund 1

Photo from Lazada

This Travel Fund Box we found in Lazada will definitely get you hyped up for the day that we can all travel again.

This wooden fund box looks like a vintage suitcase, so it’s just right to use this to save up for your next trip.

travel fund 2

Photo from Lazada

It also has a transparent side, which is what makes this fund box a must-have (aside from the cute aesthetic, of course). Because you can see your progress, it makes saving up a lot more exciting!

This cute travel fund box deserves a spot in your room for sure.

Buy this travel fund box here!

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