Can’t Sleep? “SAYO” is The Perfect Song For Your Late Night Thoughts

As a first teaser for his upcoming EP, Daniel Paringit welcomes the new year with SAYO to accompany us on those nights when our minds just can’t help but run wild. 

In a season of new beginnings, new resolutions, and new commitments, Daniel keeps our feet on the ground with a new song that is about an experience that surely isn’t new to us: having late-night thoughts.

What begins as just a simple daydream all of a sudden turns into a whole night of several trips down memory lane and the next thing you know, you see through your window and realize that the sun is already rising. That is precisely the adventure this song paints for us. With its steady tempo and uplifting chords, the beginning instrumental alone already takes our mind to another place.

Our imaginations then take flight and make their way to wherever, whenever, or whomever they want to go. Be it someone you’ve been thinking about for a while, a nostalgic place from your childhood, or even just little things as obscure as a cute cat video you saw while scrolling online today, this song acknowledges how far and wide our minds really run when we let them. It doesn’t always have to be about one specific person. It could just be a random memory, or an existential question that’s been bugging you for the longest time.

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Photo by Aly Quinones

The beauty of the song lies not so much in what or who we think about, but more so the freeing feeling of letting loose in that moment and allowing ourselves to fall down the rabbit hole we would otherwise avoid. Daniel’s voice and the lyrics act as somewhat our conscience during these moments, initially apprehensive and maybe even scared. But as the song progresses, we realize that looking back is not new to us at all and in fact, we do it a lot of times. With this comforting knowledge in hand, we are encouraged not to be afraid, but to simply be careful instead.

It seems only fitting then that the last choruses build up, sounding bolder and bolder with every line just as we get more comfortable with setting our minds free and looking back at the past. By the end of the song, we sing with Daniel, “Gabi na naman” with full conviction, ready to face whatever tonight may bring and no longer afraid.

The mind–especially during ungodly hours–can be scary, but it’s songs like SAYO that remind us it’s okay to have our head in the clouds sometimes, as long as our hearts are guarded and our feet stay rooted on the ground. 

Stream Daniel Paringit’s new song SAYO now available on Spotify and all digital streaming platforms and watch out for his EP to be released within the first quarter of 2022.

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PR Written by: Timmi Pontillas

Photos by: Aly Quinones