CALLOSPA and Resort: “The Sweetest Place to Rejuvenate, and Cuddle the Cold weather away!”

 When In Manila, we work every day for 9 hours plus the overtime, add up the drag we get from commuting or driving, the hassle from heavy traffics due to typhoons, monsoon rains, constructions ongoing, et cetera. We may come up with a really long list here so enough of the rants, the point is stress is inevitable!

How to deal with it? Simple! Find time to de-stress! A great place where you can go to refresh and regain your energy is at Callospa and Resort, a private garden resort spa situated at the mountains of Antipolo.

Now, join us in our sweetest escape at a serene haven! Let’s first have a tour at Callospa and Resort!

Humans always run to a place where they can speak with nature. Maybe because when we are with nature, we can feel the energy from our earth and it keeps us one with it, keeps us alive!




Callospa and Resort boasts of spa services and facilities of international level. 


Callospa and Resort has been around for Ten Years already! But it started as a farm with horses, cows, and other farm animals! Cool transformation!




The garden spa simply puts its visitors’ minds at peace

December is nearing; can you hear the wedding bells?!


Callospa and Resort is also a venue for destination weddings! It offers 24-hour wedding packages complete with prenuptial getaways, honeymooners’ suites, photo shoot, video coverage, food caterings and a lot more!


And according to one of Callospa and Resort’s staff, during December, a lot of people opt to have gatherings at their sanctuary! So reserve the place as early as you can!

Of course, I don’t want to miss what they are bragging about! I’m ready to de-stress! Hmm.. That’s an understatement… I’m SOooo excited to de-stresss! 😀



The smiling people of Callospa and Resort made sure we get a taste of their tropical-inspired lunch before anything else!





It’s time for SPA Treatment!

First off, sauna bathhh! The sand timer reminds you every 15 minutes stay in the sauna steam room then pamper yourself in the Hot and Cold Jacuzzi!

This is the private suite where we had a Dead Sea bath salt body scrub while soft music and falling waters soothes our ears.

Have a facial and a foot spa at the same time!

This was my first time to have a facial, and your childish fear from injection?!  That’s no match to extraction! Ouch! 😉

Last step to total relaxation! With a use of sleep inducing aroma therapy oils, we bid our muscle aches “Goodbye!” with a combination of Swedish-Shiatsu-Reflex-Thai body massage!

One of Callospa and Resort staff had to wake us up from our dream!

The beautiful place of Callospa and Resort resides on top of the mountains of Antipolo!

Heading to Callospa and Resort? Bring this map!

Distance from the Airport : 40 kms 50 mins. (by car)
Distance from Ortigas Center: 20 kms 35 mins (by car)









So if it’s a weekend, visit Callospa and Resort and make the most of your time to chill out! Invite your family, barkada, your significant other, or anyone who needs to be pampered to join you!

Because no matter When In Manila, we can always lessen stress by recharging so we can face the next days with confidence! Add up that revitalized aura that will surely brighten everyone else, too!

Callospa and Resort

Address: Marigman Road. Colaique, Antipolo City, Philippines 6007
Telephone Numbers: (+632) 650-7889 / ( +632 ) 401-4621
Cellphone Numbers: (0922) 8007889 , (0917) 8334351
Fax Numbers: (+632) 650-7889
Website: ,
Email Address:


CALLOSPA and Resort: “The Sweetest Place to Rejuvenate, and Cuddle the Cold weather away!”

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