Calling All Bannermen to DyceNDyne for The Weekend of Ice and Fire!

On November 12 to 13, 2016, the quest for control of the Seven Kingdoms takes over DyceNDyne, with the Weekend of Ice and Fire.

The struggle begins on Saturday, November 12, with The Battle of the Trident, a tournament for players of the A Game of Thrones LCG. Big prizes await the bravest knights, lords, and ladies, and everyone is welcome to participate, even newcomers to the game. Some of the more veteran players have volunteered to build custom decks for and teach new players, so if you’ve ever been curious about the card game, this is your shot! Sign up through the Battle of the Trident event page, here.

Winner of the Battle of the Trident takes home this gorgeous playmat!Winner of the Battle of the Trident takes home this gorgeous playmat!

Deception and negotiation will be your keys to victory on Sunday, as DyceNDyne brings you Win or Die: A Game of Intrigue and Betrayal. Form teams of 4 and seek to control Westeros through diplomacy and trickery.

If you’ve had fantasies of becoming one of the stalwarts of George R. R. Martin’s universe, this is your chance to make these a reality. You and your friends get to form one of the Great Houses of Westeros, with each of you assuming the identity of one of the major characters of the House. To win, you’ll have to spread your influence, make allies, and deceive your enemies. Winners take home a copy of the Game of Thrones Trivia Game. Sounds fun? Sign up through the event page, here.

DyceNDyne Game of ThronesSome of the Great Houses you can lead in Win or Die!

Win or Die: A Game of Intrigue and Betrayal is an adaptation of the Fantasy Flight negotiations game The Iron Throne.

Both events have an entrance fee of P400 per person, inclusive of food, drinks, and prizes.

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