The Kare Kare Burger and 8 Other MUST TRY Sandwiches at Dyce N Dyne Board Game Cafe

When in Manila and you’ve had a long day, nothing beats spending time with friends and feasting on one of the best comfort foods: burgers.

One afternoon, after a fruitful day at work, my office friends and I went down to one of the best places to enjoy board games in this side of the Metro: Dyce N Dyne.

But we weren’t just about to get lost in the marvelous world of board games; we’re also on a quest to try out their yummy burgers and tasty sandwiches. It’s like having the best of both worlds. Board games and burgers sound like the best love team ever.

So we readied our hungry tummies for a night that promised to be exceptionally satisfying.

And it turned out right. By the end of the night, we weren’t just satisfied playing different board games. We were also so full and happy with the mouthwatering sandwiches served to us by the uber-friendly staff. And when you’re immensely satisfied with a fun gustatory experience, you really must come up with a list.

Here’s ours:

9. Pulled Beef BBQ Burger

Pulled beef bbq burger

Slow cooked beef brisket served over fresh lettuce and topped with coleslaw. The beef’s sweet taste perfectly blends with the coleslaw’s natural zesty flavor. I felt this is a good choice for kids, since they like sweet flavors. The beef brisket is tender and flavorful. In case the sweetness is overwhelms you, munch on the crisp potato chips; they’re very good.

8. BBQ Burger

bbq burger

This will literally not fit into your mouth. And you have to be ready to get dirty when you try this incredibly tasty burger. Just take a look at the melted cheese and sauce that cover the entire burger. Those are enough to make you drool.

7. Chicago Hotdog

chicago hotdog

With all the 24/7 convenience stores in the city, it’s so easy to get too familiar with hotdog sandwiches that all taste the same. My bet is most of you have consumed more hotdogs than you care to admit and that you don’t want to be near one again.

But wait ’til you are served this pretty thing. It looks so beautiful you’d want to snap a photo first before eating.

Its salsa-like topping is what sold me.

6. Croque Madame

croque madame

Dyce N Dyne’s take on the popular French quick snack was superb. I enjoyed this one a lot.

Who can resist slices of sweet ham in mayonnaise, toasted white bread, and a very yummy fried egg? It doesn’t help that it’s slathered with a rich bechamel sauce. Once this was served to us, we immediately dug in.

5. New York Hotdog

new york hotdog

I haven’t been to New York but if their famed hotdog sandwiches taste near as good as this one, then I don’t need to spend money on a plane ticket. I’ll simply head on down to Dyce N Dyne and stuff as much of this in my tummy.

4. Chicken Sliders

chicken sliders

When you’re busy trying to bring down your competition, you need to have clean hands to move your piece to the next spot or draw a card. You can’t do that quickly when you’re busy slicing a burger in small pieces or holding one with both hands. That’s why these tasty sliders are ideal board game grub. They’re so easy to munch on.

3. Beef Sliders

beef sliders

The reason why I like the beef sliders more is they come with sunny sides on top. I like sunny side ups. It doesn’t hurt that they look really good on Instagram.

2. Grilled Cheese

grilled cheese

I am a guy with a simple taste (well, most of the time). Or it could be just be that I don’t like too much complication with my food, which is why the grilled cheese appealed so much to me. It’s simple yet looked so delectable. And the perfect blend of cheesy goodness and tangy tomatoes is enough to send me to sandwich heaven.

1. Kare Kare Burger

kare kare burger

Karekare Burger

And the top spot belongs to the very unique and, surprisingly delicious, Kare Kare Burger.

I’m pretty sure you haven’t tasted anything like this because it’s not something most restaurants make. And that’s good because it makes the experience a lot more fun when you sink your teeth into this scrumptious treat.

An idea from the partners, this interesting take on the popular Pinoy dish makes food trips a lot more fun. Served with peanut sauce and bagoong (fermented fish), believe me when I say that you’re going to absolutely love every bite.

Extremely satisfying and delicious. It’s something you’d want to try again and again.

Experience the Kare Kare Burger and other great items on their menu. Check out Dyce N Dyne.

Dyce n dyne

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