Calling All ’90s Kids: ‘Recess’ Is Getting A Live-Action Movie!

The Recess theme song hasn’t stopped playing in my head ever since I found out that Disney’s classic cartoon is going to have a live-action adaptation!

According to a report by Hypebeast, an independent production team from Vancouver has announced a non-profit fan film for the Disney cartoon and it’s gaining a lot of traction online. The cartoon itself follows kids of 3rd Street Elementary school while this adaptation is going to follow them much later in their lives as teenagers.

Photo from Hypebeast

The film is currently in post-production, but the stills that have been already released show promise. As mentioned, the producers of the film want to reiterate that this project isn’t for profit but for the sheer love of nostalgia. Recess will be released online this August for free!

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Who was your favorite Recess character growing up?


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