CaliBurger: Chow Down on Fresh Food in the Heart of Quezon City

CaliBurger: Chow Down on Fresh Food in the Heart of Quezon City


CaliBurger Quezon City

Sorry about the picture. I was hoping to get a better shot WITHOUT the power cables.


When in Manila, you probably get the munchies now and again; and if you’re anything like me, there are times when the munchies just cannot be satisfied by anything else other than a big, juicy burger. Luckily for me, when I got hit by the munchies, the beautiful people at WhenInManila were invited by CaliBurger to try out their latest offerings. CaliBurger is a new player in the burger scene, having just opened in February this year, but they are already making waves in the world of burger-loving foodies. 

CaliBurger Quezon City

It did not even matter that I was literally in another region (Laguna) the day that the burger-fest was going to happen. I hopped into a bus, zoomed back to Quezon City, and headed straight for CaliBurger Timog with visions of burgers dancing in my head.

Now, for easy reading, let me break down my CaliBurger experience for you in three easy segments: the decor and ambiance, the staff, and the food. For me, all of these three factors always come together to create an unforgettable dining experience that you’re going to want to experience over and over again. Each factor is as important as the next, and if you find a restaurant that offers all three: good food, good ambiance, and good people, then you’ve got yourself a winner.

Without further ado, let me share my (first ever) CaliBurger Timog experience.



The moment I stepped into CaliBurger, I was immediately charmed by the unique and interesting décor that the restaurant was decked out with. When one hears “California”, images of sand, surf, and the beach immediately come to mind, and it’s this same feeling of freedom and fun is what the décor inside CaliBurger inspires. There’s a lot of fun, lively colors everywhere, as well as interesting wall decorations and a “rocky” walkway that’s connected to wooden planks (which is something that one would most likely walk on a California pier). For someone whose dream is to someday walk down those piers, this is the closest that I can come to them (for now).

CaliBurger Quezon CityDon’t worry. No divebombing birds are going to steal your food. 

CaliBurger Quezon CityMakes you wish you’re on the beach, right?

CaliBurger Quezon City 

The aforementioned stone walk.


So many dining experiences are ruined because of staff and servers who are uncaring about their food or their customers. At CaliBurger, however, you won’t just get awesome and efficient service; you’ll get sunny smiles from the staff, as well! They’re quick to accommodate their customers, quick to bring service, and best of all, quick to greet people and make them feel welcome to the restaurant.

CaliBurger Quezon CityThe awesome CaliBurger staff…

CaliBurger Quezon City

…got even more awesome!