Cafe Laferennie: An All-In-One Experience Cafe In The Heart Of QC

In a world where simply eating out with friends and family isn’t enough, business owners have tried to keep up. Suddenly, it’s not just about the food anymore but the experience that people get. This has led to all types of themed restaurants, boardgame cafes, Instagrammable food, and the like. But the thing is to experience one thing is to choose one restaurant.

Well, now there’s no need to choose because Cafe Laferennie has it all!

cafe laferennie

Located in the heart of Quezon City, this cafe has everything you need for it to become you next go-to hangout place.

Just opened in February this year, Cafe Laferennie offers an all-in-one experience. They have board games, books, artsy walls, PLUS rainbow burgers, and huge milkshakes!

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The owner, Ms. Lanie Labre, shared that it all started with her love for coffee. So, she came up with a concept that would cater to the millennial market that’s all for experience and pretty food. Being a family business, the name ‘Laferennie’ came from the names of each family member. Pretty clever, huh?

Cafe Laferennie is a crib-style cafe that has lounges sectioned off for each group of customers instead of the regular tables and chairs. Customers can enjoy sitting on the floor with the fluffy pillows and cute stuffed toys. It’s a cool place to just really hang out with your friends and talk about everything under the sun–or even just sit around and do nothing while enjoying each other’s company.


You can also borrow fun board games from the wide range of choices from the cafe–as long as you get one at a time. Or if board games aren’t your cup of tea, you can also borrow books and get lost in the adventurous world of reading. They have a wide selection of all types of books–from the latest Young Adult series to self-help books. Imagine starting a book club at this cafe.


If you’ve run out of things to read or play, you can also write a letter to your future self with their ‘Letter Later’ corner.

Cafe Laferennie allows their customers to write a letter to themselves or to other people for them to read in the future. They’ll keep it in their ‘Letter Later’ corner until you (or the other person) comes to read it after a year or more.

The owner shared that it was inspired by the ‘letter later’ website featured in the Pinoy film Starting Over Again. She thought that it was a great way for people to see how much they’ve grown and what they’ve learned over time. Plus, it’s an effective way to finally let out all of those feelings you’ve been keeping inside.

Where do broken hearts go? They go to Cafe Laferennie to write a letter to their future selves.

There’s already a lot going on in Cafe Laferennie–and we haven’t even gotten to their food yet!


Their bestsellers are the snacks, especially the colorful ones. They have the rainbow burger and rainbow nachos that look just as good as they taste!


If you’re a big group that loves to share, you can order their Squad Goals Bundle (Php 350). It’s a combination of their tasty finger foods–nachos, fries, onion rings, and crunchy hot dog rolls.


Their Inshakes (which actually means ‘insane shakes’) are, you guessed it, insane! They have chocolate, mocha, and bubble gum flavors among others. These shakes are topped with overflowing toppings making it a real treat! Also, watch out for their new addition to the menu–the Monster Shake. It’s a giant shake that’s bigger than my face!


Aside from their shakes, they also have their bestselling Matcha Latte (Php 145). Green tea lovers, make sure to try this!


If you’re in the mood for heavy rice meals, Cafe Laferennie has also gotten you covered. Their rice meals are absolutely delicious, we couldn’t stop raving about it! Their best sellers are the Bangus Belly (Php 139) and the Laferennie Burger Steak (Php 149). If you’re craving for some pasta, the Spanish Sardines in Olive Oil (Php 169) is a must-try.


The owner shares that the cafe has been a favorite for celebrating occasions. They allow free reservations for the cribs, and if you’re reserving it for a celebration, they’ll even help you set it up with balloons and decorations! So far, it has been a go-to place for surprise birthday parties, anniversary dates, and now, even proposals! What else could you ask for?

Cafe Laferennie really has it all. There’s the relaxing ambiance of their crib-style interior, the many fun things you can do during your stay, and the tasty food. And as if you don’t have enough reason to come back to Cafe Laferennie, you’ll get to leave a piece of your heart to remember in the future with their Letter Later corner!

Cafe Laferennie is definitely a must-try place for your barkada–especially if you want more than an experience but memories that will last a lifetime. So, don’t wait for later anymore! Grab your barkada and visit Cafe Laferennie!

Cafe Laferennie

#17 Scout Ybardolaza St.,
Cor. Scout De Guia, Kamuning, QC

Weekdays: 1:00PM-12:00MN
Weekends: 10:00AM-12:00MN