Cafe Dionysus: A Must-Visit Mediterranean-Style Cafe in Pinto Art Museum

When in Rizal, I’m sure one of the must-visit spots on your itinerary is to visit the famed Pinto Art Museum. And if you are set to visit the famous private museum of Antipolo, then there’s something else you should check out aside from their picture-perfect architecture and many works of art.

Cafe Dionysus Antipolo Rizal 8606

Cafe Dionysus is a new cafe inside the Pinto Art Museum. It’s on the rooftop of one of the many museum buildings, and once you’re there, it’s like you’re stepping into a hole-in-the-wall cafe in Greece. We instantly fell in love with the architecture and interior design of this beautiful cafe.Cafe Dionysus Antipolo Rizal 8683

The gorgeous windows beside the tables even offer a breathtaking view of some of the museum’s buildings.Cafe Dionysus Antipolo Rizal 8660

The al fresco cafe also has an outdoor eating area where you can enjoy the cool Antipolo breeze and a view of a vibrant sunset. It can get very romantic at Cafe Dionysus once the sun starts to set, so add this place to your list of date night ideas.

Cafe Dionysus Antipolo Rizal 8728

While the views, architecture, and Mediterranean-inspired style of Cafe Dionysus are more than enough to give you a feast for the eyes, their food menu will satisfy your stomach, too!

Cafe Dionysus Antipolo Rizal 8693

Your feast at Cafe Dionysus will be off to a great start with their gastronomic appetizers. Their bestselling Boursin & Bruschetta Platter will surely tantalize your tastebuds and get you excited for what’s to come. It includes flavorful cream cheese with herbs, fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic, aged balsamic vinegar & olive oil, and lots of crostinis to share.

Cafe Dionysus Antipolo Rizal 8710

They also offer the Bangus Lumpia which has been talked about online by many of their previous customers. Each bite is packed with flavor and it tasted even better with the included sweet chili sauce.

Cafe Dionysus Antipolo Rizal 8714

Moving on to the main dishes, Cafe Dionysus offers pasta dishes and hearty rice bowls. They’ve got the classic pasta dishes—spaghetti bolognese and truffle carbonara.

Cafe Dionysus Antipolo Rizal 8721

And for their rice bowls, you can enjoy classic Pinoy meals such as beef tapa, longganisa, and adobo flakes. These are all proudly house-made and with no preservatives.

Cafe Dionysus Antipolo Rizal 8702

If you’re just in the mood for a light snack, you can enjoy their salads, soups, and sandwiches!

Cafe Dionysus Antipolo Rizal 8640

Cafe Dionysus also offers a variety of refreshing drinks such as the Pinto Iced Tea (which we couldn’t get enough of), yummy Iced Coffee Jelly, and different kinds of coffee-based drinks. If you’re visiting on a hot day, you can also get your fill of Carmen’s Best ice cream which is also available on their menu.

Cafe Dionysus Antipolo Rizal 8783

And don’t forget to check out their Dessert Menu. They’ve got cakes to enjoy, but we highly recommend that you try their Alfajores.

Let Cafe Dionysus be another reason for you to go up to Antipolo or to visit Pinto Art Museum soon. Take note, though, that you’ll have to pay for the museum entrance fee first before getting to the cafe. But don’t worry, you’ll get your money’s worth!

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You’ll easily fall in love with the relaxing vibe of Cafe Dionysus. It feels like time slows down and you can savor the moment.

Maybe it’s the uniqueness of the cafe, or the lush greens that surround the place, but ultimately, this cafe offers a serene escape from the noisy life of the city. And with their delicious and filling food, refreshing drinks, and beautiful views, you’ll want to come back to Cafe Dionysus again and again.

Cafe Dionysus

Pinto Academy Roof Deck, Pinto Art Museum, 1 Sierra Madre St.,
Grand Heights Subdivision, Antipolo, Rizal

Open from Tuesday-Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM

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