Bulgogi Brothers: Say Annyeong to Korean Cuisine at Greenbelt

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When In Manila, more often Korean food gets into one’s cravings. If it does, there is no other place but Bulgogi Brothers to satisfy your cravings. We took a visit to Bulgogi Brothers branch at Greenbelt 5 to sample their offerings. Bistro Group, the restaurant company behind TGI Friday’sItalianni’s, Fish & Co.FlapjacksPig OutKrazy GarlikStock Market CafeMa Maison and Village Tavern, is the one responsible for bringing this authentic Seoul brand to the Philippines.



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Banchan or Korean side dishes served “refillable” at Bulgogi Brothers



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Bulgogi Brothers tea with extra sidings of sweet potato, quail and corn



Korean friends have invited me to dinner in their houses and banchan or side dishes are an important part of the meal. It consists of the different types of kimchi, with lettuce being the most common. At Bulgogi Brothers, they value authentic and never veer from the mother restaurant in Seoul of serving unlimited banchan. Aside from kimchi, roasted eggplant and other greens, they also serve boiled corn, sweet potatoes and quail eggs as extra side dishes which are modern additions.



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Haemul Gungjung Mandu or Seafood Dumplings at Bulgogi Brothers



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Bulgogi Brothers’ Pajeon or commonly known as Korean “pancake”



In an authentic Korean way, we started with appetizer of Haemul Gungjung Mandu and traditional Pajeon.  Mandu is the Korean version of dumplings and Haemul Gungjung Mandu is a seafood with mussels, shrimps and squid served best spicy. Ingredients for mandu are shipped fresh from Korea to ensure uniformity with the authentic taste. What is seen here as a “pizza” or a “pancake” is actually Pajeon, batter of egg, wheat or rice flour, green onion and a variety of  fillings.



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Seoul-Style Bulgogi infused with a flavorful broth at Bulgogi Brothers



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Boiling hotpot with Bulgogi Brothers Seoul-Style Bulgogi



Bulgogi Brothers favorites were served first. Look at the mouthwatering Seoul Style Bulgogi with large ground chunks of beef in a refreshing broth of fruitsonions and soy sauce, boiled with button mushrooms and glass noodles which removes the heaviness of meat. What is good is that it is actually cooked in a hotpot in front of you which makes the experience exciting.



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Bulgogi Brothers Special heartily grilled for Bulgogi Brothers customers



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Bulgogi Brothers Special best served with warm Steamed Rice



What I found more interesting was the Bulgogi Brothers Special with its heart-shaped beef grilled with some onions and sweet potatoes. Though most expensive, this is a must try specialty of Bulgogi Brothers. The heart shape makes me think that this would be good for a date but with so much pure beef, one would have a good heart attack of goodness in one’s palate.



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Gwangyang Style Bulgogi before cooking at Bulgogi Brothers



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Bulgogi Brothers Gwangyang Style Bulgogi already ready to eat



Gwangyang-Style Bulgogi for some reason reminds me of tapa. Thin slices of premium seasoned beef cooked in a hot plate with bean sprout, green onions and sesame leaf with a sweet sauce. Sesame leaf has a strong taste and for some, an acquired one but it has been known that it is mineral rich, especially calcium and iron, and contains Vitamin C. No wonder it constitutes an integral part of the Korean traditional cuisines. It suites well with the sweet sauce and balance for beef



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Premium Boneless Short Ribs with Bulgogi Brothers Sauce for BBQ



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Short Rib Cuts grilled in a hot plat with Onions and Sweet Potatoes



Premium Boneless Short Rib Cuts are a favorite for Korean barbecue. The folks at Bulgogi Brothers were kind enough to do the barbecuing for us for best grilling time. I just love how tender and juicy the beef was and tasty as well, just slightly sweet.



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Bulgogi Brothers has a selection of wines, liquors and concocted beverages



Korean dining experience at Bulgogi Brothers would not be complete until you savor Korean ice cream. Becoming popular recently due to the increasing number of Korean stores, Korean ice creams are now available en masse in the Philippines and stores are importing more nowadays. I was happy to see Melona Ice Cream here but I got the fish-shaped red bean ice cream which I love since my university days. You can have an option of dining with wine, soju (rice wine) or other beverages.



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When In Manila, and craving for Korean food, head over with your family or your date to Bulgogi Brothers at the Third Floor of Greenbelt 5 in Makati City or at their Alabang Town Center branch for those who live in South Metro Manila. Do not forget to share your dining experience too or any of your valid concerns in Bulgogi Brothers or any of the Bistro Group Restaurants by texting Restaurant <spaceLocation <spaceName <spaceComments to their mobile 09178084114



 Bulgogi Brothers Greenbelt

Level 3 Greenbelt 5, Legazpi St., Ayala Center, 
Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Tel. No. (02)6216216

Email: marketing.bb@bistro.com.ph



WhenInManila photos by JoTan23, write-up by República Negrénse.



Bulgogi Brothers: Say Annyeong to Korean Cuisine at Greenbelt