Bulgogi Brothers Korean Food in Manila: A Taste of Korea in the Philippines

When in Manila and you’re craving for a good Korean fix, Bulgogi Brothers is the way to go!

Bulgogi Brothers is an international franchise originating from Korea and they finally branched out here in Manila. I believe this is also their first franchise outside Korea. Bulgogi Brothers specializes Korean barbecue dishes. Their first branch opened in Greenbelt 5 late last year, another addition is in Alabang Town Center and a branch in the Mall of Asia is opening in July.

Bulgogi is a Korean dish of marinated meat paired with an assortment of vegetable to create a well-balanced dish, it literally translates to “Bul” meaning fire and “gogi” means meat. On the other hand, the concept for the word “Brothers” is to create a family-friendly environment to establish quality ties over good food. What better way to bring people together than food, right?

환영합니다 (Hwanyŏng hamnida or Welcome!) — you will instantly feel welcomed upon entering Bulgogi Brothers as the staff greets you Korean-style.

Upon browsing their menu, almost everything was new to me (and not to mention foreign) but being a food lover, I was up to trying whatever Bulgogi Brothers has to offer to give me a taste of Korea.

It was my first time to try Korean cuisine, as well as my friend and sibling who was with me, and I should say, Bulgogi Brothers gave us a delightful Korean feast! 먹자  (Let’s eat!)


For starters, hot tea is served together with an appetizer platter of corn, quail eggs and sweet potatoes.


Then the 반찬 (Banchan) started to came in. Banchan are side dishes served together with the main course and rice.

If you’re fond of watching Korean dramas, then you’ve probably noticed the numerous small plates with assorted vegetables dishes on them when they’re dining, those are the banchan. But the best part in Bulgogi Brothers and their banchan? — Free and Unlimited refills.

For our Banchan, we were served with Spinach Salad, spicy Kimchi, sauteed eggplants and the kangkong dish. Okay, now here’s a confession… I’m not really fond of vegetables but I do make exceptions! And I tell you, after trying out a few Banchan, I conclude that spiced vegetables works for me!


Spinach Salad



 Haemul Doenjang-jjigae (Php 395)

Next up was the flavorful Haemul Doenjang-jjigae (해물 된장 찌개) — it is a soybean stew with assorted seafood and vegetables and probably one of my favorites. It has a mild spicy flavor but it was really good!


For our drinks, we had Raspberry Tea Mint, Citrus Mint and Blue Tea Pineapple (Php 150).

I had the Raspberry Tea Mint and I really enjoyed it.

And may I add that Bulgogi Brothers also serve Korean liquor and they have recommendations on their menu as to what liquor goes well with a specific dish.

Just like our next dish, it is said to be best ordered with Maechousun, a sweet and fruity flavored liquor. But no alcohol for our group this time, maybe next time when I’m dining out with friends.

Which reminds me, I’m allergic to alcohol. Haha! So I’ll let them judge!


Haemul Gungjung Mandu (6 pcs. Php450)

The Haemul Gungjung Mandu are fried dumplings with seafood and served with spicy sauce. It was indeed on the spicy side but the dumplings were crisp and the filling was tasty, although I failed to ask what the filling was made of. Since I am a seafood-lover, I really enjoyed the seafood that came with the dumplings.

Next up are the meat dishes! Bulgogi Brothers is known for their Korean BBQ specialty and yes, there is grilling involved!


Premium Boneless Short Ribs (Php 895)

We were lucky to be able to try one their new BBQ specials which is the Premium Boneless Short Ribs — boneless short ribs marinated with Bulgogi Brothers special sauce  and let me tell you, Bulgogi Brothers knows their game when it comes to Korean barbecue. It was real good stuff!


Spicy sauces and salt for condiments.

The Premium Boneless Short Ribs were grilled well done together with onions and sweet potatoes.

Bulgogi Brothers doesn’t have smokeless grill but the place is well-ventilated so you don’t have to worry about smelling like Korean BBQ afterwards.

What I commend about Bulgogi Brothers is their service. Really good customer service if you ask me. They’ll do the cooking for you, cut your meat and serve it. All you will have to worry about is eating your food.


Gwangyang Style Bulgogi (Php 595)

Gwangyang Style Bulgogi (광양 불고기) is seasoned beef with sweet sauce. It is served with bean sprouts, sesame leaf and green onions.

This is my personal favorite from all the dishes we were served with. 🙂 It was a little on the sweet side but very savory and it goes very well with rice.



Chicken Bulgogi (Php 495)

Also one of their new menu specials, Chicken Bulgogi is marinated chicken with chili pepper paste, onions and assorted vegetables. This one’s really spicy, so if you have low tolerance to heat, you might consider a different option.

Great thing about the Korean cuisine is that they create a well-balanced meal of meat and vegetables, so it’s healthy and satisfying at the same time.


We were so full after (our table obviously shows it) but good thing there was tea being offered which variety changes every week and this time we had the Kyul Myungja Cha (Cassia Seed Tea).


What?! We’re not done yet?

As they say, there’s always room for dessert! Bulgogi Brothers offers Korean ice cream. I got myself the Bungeoppang, which is a fish-shaped wafer filled with vanilla ice cream and red bean paste. I have had one of these before and really loved it. The vanilla ice cream filling isn’t so sweet plus the fish-shaped wafer that holds it in is enough to amuse me.


Younger sister got the Encho (think Pinipig ice cream).


Bulgogi Brothers has a very nice interior. Korean-inspired fixtures and they play K-Pop music and videos in the background. Plus I really like their light fixtures! It’s so unique. 🙂

It has that welcoming and cozy ambience which is a good factor if you’re looking for a place to just hang-out, converse and dine with friends or family.


Racks of Korean liquor.


The very nice and friendly staff of Bulgogi Brothers who spoiled us with great service. Thank you guys!


 Thank you Ms. Roda Patricio-Adriano, the Marketing Manager for Bulgogi Brothers for accommodating us.

We really had a good time! 🙂

When in Manila and looking for one of the best Korean dining experience, go for Bulgogi Brothers.

They will surely satisfy your need for some Korean fix. 먹자!

Bulgogi Brothers

3rd Level, Greenbelt 5

Telephone No.: 621-5289, 621-6216

(Mall of Asia branch opening in July 2012)

Bulgogi Brothers Korean Food in Manila: A Taste of Korea in the Philippines

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