Bukidnon Milk Company: A Local Brand that Deserves Global Recognition

For someone who’s a firm health advocate, I make it a point to drink one glass of milk per day. It’s a good source of protein, calcium, and several vitamins that enable the body to function well, especially in the long run. Its immediate effect allows the growth of muscle and promotes weight loss. Plus, as we grow older, it ensures our bones are stay strong and sturdy enough to prevent diseases like osteoporosis.

You may think that all types of milk are the same, but there are actually deviations when it comes to taste and nutritional content. I’ve tried several products, but Bukidnon Milk Company stood out for me on both local and international levels.

Bukidnon Milk Company is a homegrown brand from Mindanao with the promise to serve real milk products from udder to bottle. That means involving very minimal processing to retain the milk’s natural nutrients at its freshest state. This is the main reason why it stands out amongst its competitors.

Other commercial milk products are usually enriched or fortified, and undergo rigorous steps for an extended shelf-life. Bukidnon Milk Company offers farm-fresh goods that are evidently very different from the others.

In hindsight, the labels are already promising. It has 5.6g of protein and 191.8mg of calcium with zero sugar, additives, hormones, and preservatives at only 82 calories per serving! What does this number mean? Simply put, it’s very nutritious with all-natural preparation! Check the labels of other milk products and see the difference yourself.

Upon tasting, you’ll also immediately distinguish its disparity in quality and flavor. It’s creamy and has a mild yet prominent milky taste. Additionally, it’s pretty heavy to drink, which enables you to feel full and energized for the day whilst getting the right amount of nutrients.

Available in 250 ml, 1L, and 1 gal bottles.

When properly handled and stored, the milk can last up to 10 days from dairy bottling and up to 3 days from bottle opening, so drink it immediately and enjoy what milk should be like.

Aside from real milk, Bukidnon Milk Company expands its arsenal with yogurt. Words cannot express how happy I was with this.

Available in 250 ml or 1L bottles

Their yogurt comes in three flavors: Classic, Mango, and Strawberry. It’s hard to pick a favorite because they’re all are delicious! You don’t have to feel guilty drinking this, either, because it hardly has any sugar in it. This is important because no matter how healthy yogurt might seem, you may be surprised by the amount of sugar it contains.

The products’ taste and quality should be more than be enough to make you want to try Bukidnon Milk Company; but in case you need more reason to support this local brand, they also have a commitment to maintaining happy cows, happy farmers, and a happy community.

The cows are nurtured and treated well from birth in the biggest and only pasture-fed dairy farm in Bukidnon with state-of-the-art facilities. They believe that a healthy and happy cow produces high-quality milk.

The farmers are also cared for. Members of the Katawhang Lumad are part of the team, which promotes wellness and livelihood for them all the way. Even the underserved Mindanao communities are involved because Bukidnon Milk Company partnered up with DSWD to make sure they get twice the daily sustenance and regular weight monitoring for children that they need to thrive well.

It’s time that the Philippines becomes known for its farm-fresh dairy products. As an agricultural country, it’s only right that we make use of our lush and abundant natural resources. And with Bukidnon Milk Company’s products, you will not be ashamed to shout to the world that it’s proudly made in the Philippines.

Check out their social media accounts to find out how to order, and see their prices and available delivery methods to find out what would be most convenient for you.

Bukidnon Milk Company

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