Buffalo Wings that Leave You Begging for More only at Sunrise Buckets

When in Manila and not sure of where to go for a few drinks and good ‘ol buffalo treats with your friends without the need to dress up to the nines, you’ll find that Sunrise Buckets is just the place to be! Trust that as soon as you step in Sunrise buckets, you’d feel as if you’re ready to sit back and relax in your jolly old flip-flops.


The beachy feel of this place will automatically put you in a bob-marley-lovin, flip-flop-wearin beach bum mood. And you don’t even have to worry about putting on sunblock every now and then (that alone puts a huge smile on my face!).

Sunrise Bistro


You also won’t be able to help keep your eyes off the many interesting details in this place, the surfboards on the walls and ceilings, the surfboard chair just as soon as you step in with my favorite mantra, live, laugh, love written on it, the condiments table and even the corner part of the room with a mini lounge sofa calling out your name are all just genius ideas of tying the whole place together. I could definitely see myself hanging out here with friends more often.


Cute Buffalo Sunrise Shirts and Tumblers are also sold here


Now, to decide on the 12 mouth-watering buffalo wings menu was pretty difficult, I wanted to order all of them right then and there, but I came in hungry so I convinced myself it was the stomach that was thinking then and not my brains so I settled for three flavors and then later on seeing that I wasn’t satisfied just yet with just three, ordered two more.



So adorable how they had our names written on their buckets!

Smokin Barbeque – 145php – 1,350php depending on how many pounds you want

Honey Jalapeno – ranging from 220php – 1,900php

Sunrise Original wings – ranging from 150php – 1,375php


Sunrise buckets buffalo wings will leave you begging for more! Oh. My. Gosh. Where, oh where have these wings been all my life?!?! I felt like I found my little piece of heaven right here in the heart of North Greenhills. Our food arrived and had our names on the buckets, and I thought it was a sweet way of the buffalo wings telling me, “honey, you and I are just meant to be together.” And like a  high school girl who just got her first “hey, how you doin?” Joey Tribbiani moment, I smiled. I mean, who was I to get offended? They were handsome little things . And not only handsome, they were just delicious!  My favorite had to be the smoking barbeque and honey jalapeno flavored ones. And trust me, the eating and biting did  not leave me satisfied until I got to try 5 of their 12 flavors.  At one point, I forgot about my rice because these wings were perfect on their own, add the fact that I wanted more room in my tummy for all of the flavors! The only disappointment I had that night was  that after trying 5 flavors of buffalo wings, my tummy gave up on me (traitor!) and was left so full that I couldn’t touch one more.

3 flavors down, more to go!

So if you’re up to the challenge of trying all 12 flavors in one night and find that you’ve succeeded in doing so, please let me know how you did it, that way, I can soon follow in your footsteps and do the same thing. That’s one challenge I am willing to take on one of these days, just you wait! So Sunrise buckets better gear up because I may be coming back real soon armed with friends and believe me, a really empty stomach!


So When in Manila and hungry for buffalo wings, look no more! Just head on over to Sunrise Buckets and be sure to man up and try all their flavors!


Got to see the beautiful sisters Abi Co-Haw and Bridget Co who are behind this genius joint 🙂 Thanks Abi and Bridgette!!

Buffalo Wings that Leave You Begging for More only at Sunrise Buckets


Sunrise Buckets, Madison Square

Unit 1, Madison St. cor. Ortigas Ave., North Greenhills

San Juan City, Metro Manila


(02) 477-7636

They’re on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/sunrise.buckets?sk=photos





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