BTS Coffee, Anyone? Where to Buy BTS Hot Brew in Manila

ARMYs have definitely seen it and heard about it, but have you tried it yet? We recently got to try the BTS Hot Brew coffee (you can order it from Origami!) and the verdict is in: it is delicious!

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

I’ll admit that I was hella skeptical about buying BTS coffee before because I always thought that people just put “BTS” on products to make people buy them. But after having tried the TinyTAN chocolates from Origami before and being pleasantly surprised by them, I knew there would be no harm in trying the coffee either.

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

The BTS Coffee is light and refreshing and comes in a delicious Hazelnut Americano flavor so you don’t really need to do much with it. You can drink it as is – hot or cold – or add some milk if you want to. Since it conveniently comes in a can, you can bring one wherever you go too.

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

It also serves as a collectible or as a decorative item for ARMYs. Experience the slight sweetness and fragrant hazelnut taste that make this coffee so addictive by ordering from Origami!

Origami PH




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