BTG-audio 8 strand headphone upgrade cable: bang for the buck sound and aesthetic upgrade

When In Manila and seeking for an audio cable for your headphones or earphones without breaking the bank once again while retaining an incredibly well done craftsmanship and which also has good sonic character and high quality durability. Then look into BTG-audio.

 Only this photo was grabbed from the BTG-audio website 

BTG-audio is a one man company run by Brian T. Goto. He does all recabling work, and also does all the custom cables himself. Yes I know, amazing! It always baffles me how a single man could run his company by himself and is quite known in the international audiophile community. What is also amazing is that, he achieves orders and requests on time even with his hands full. Props to you Brian!

Build: The BTG-audio cable that I have received came in a simple vinyl packaging through the local post office. Honestly, Brian went way past my expectations of his cable once I unpacked and examined it. Incredible craftsmanship! The cable that he made specifically for my Audeze LCD-2 was darn good looking! Even my co-audiophile and good friend RV de Leon loved how really good the cable went with its aesthetics. The round braids were really perfect and looked really classy on my Audeze LCD-2. All hand-made by Brian T. Goto himself! My cable had Switchcraft mini-XLR connections for the headphone connection, and had a Switchcraft 3.5mm plug for the source end. Examining the cable further, to be honest, anyone could mistake it for a cable fully manufactured and put together by a machine. No flaws at all.

Sound Quality: This is where Brian told me that he is nowhere looking into improving the sound quality through the cable by a big notch like other audio cable companies like Whiplash audio or Toxic Cables. Apparently, due to the high number of strands (8 strands, 4 for each channel) that is used with his cable and also through the use of the Mogami wire OFC, the cable gave much better impact, tightness and body to the overall sound of my Audeze LCD-2 over the stock cable. It’s as if my Audeze LCD-2 lost having a bottleneck to the sound. Yes, it is not as a really huge sound upgrade similar to my ALO audio SXC Lariat cable which is around $600 compared to the BTG-audio 8 strand which is only around $100 (depending on terminations and headphone side) though, but the leap from the stock cable sound, extremely well done craftsmanship and durability is more than worth it for the price!

BTG-audio Website


BTG-audio 8 strand headphone upgrade cable: bang for the buck sound and aesthetic upgrade


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