Broadway Musical ‘Hamilton’ Might Come to Asia

After proving itself as an unstoppable force on Broadway and earning a mountainous amount of accolades from the theater community, hit musical ‘Hamilton’ is setting its sights on a world tour!

lin manuel miranda hamilton

Currently being staged nightly in both New York and London, as well as four other cities in the United States; the ‘Hamilton’ team announced plans to stage the show in Sydney in 2021.

The production is almost guaranteed to tour in Australia before going to Asia. Hopefully, with the show having a growing cult following in the country, they’ll add the Philippines to the list of their tour legs.

The team is also working on developing a German version of the work since the show and American musicals, in general, have also developed a following in Germany.

Producer Jeffrey Seller hopes that the story resonates to people all over the world as a story of rebellion, ambition, and self-realization.

‘Hamilton’ tells the tale of a Caribbean-born Alexander Hamilton who, with his smarts and unwavering determination (and stubbornness), rises through the ranks and becomes a founding father of the American Revolution.

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