Brazilian Veteran Gets STRIP-ped For The First Time (and likes it)

When in Manila, and the calendar reads months between March to May, you’ll either find yourself wondering if you’ve been hanging out at the wrong places or if you’ve accidentally stepped into a hollywood movie scene. Suddenly, you’re surrounded by bikini bodies in vibrant caramel hues. It’s that time of the year when being fashionable is considered having a glowing tan and a pair of hotshot sunglasses. It’s when waxing salons go half as crazy as Christmas season. 

Yes, summer is like rush hour for these establishments. Being completely hair-free puts the icing to the ultimate beach-babe look. But if you think that wearing a bikini is the only reason to strip it off, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG.


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Summer is over, and so is the period of daring swimsuits and micro clothing. Rainy days are coming and pretty soon everyone will be covered from head-to-toe to keep warm. But though this season calls for less skin exposure, the question is, should you also take a break from keeping your intimates smooth and clean?

Any girl (and boy) would agree with me that one of the most attractive features of a person is being flawless, and part of that is being hair free. As most Asian women have dark hair, it’s more evident and waxing tends to be a necessity.

The solution: Pay a regular visit to a great waxing salon. 

Strip: Ministry of Waxing, a franchise from Singapore, is a world class establishment that can take care of this problem for you.


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I’ve heard of Strip about a couple of times already from certain friends and colleagues but I was always a bit iffy to try it due to the huge price difference from other waxing salons. I used to think that it didn’t matter how the hair was removed, what’s important is that I can confidently wear my shorts and tank tops without worrying that I might be flaunting a mini-jungle, making me lean towards cheaper alternatives. Boy, was I wrong. 

Having been given the chance to try strip for the first time was similar to winning round trip ticket to a foreign destination. It was something I’ve always wanted to do but was often restricted by financial hurdles. Indeed, it was but a dream come true. Stepping into the store was in itself a different experience already as most waxing salons adopt cookie cutter interiors, which scream out “Hi I’m a salon!” at first glance. The well thought of design of the greenbelt branch simulated submarines, that actually made me giggle a bit knowing I was there to have something “down-under” serviced. Come to think of it, couldn’t that be a possible theory for their inspiration? Perhaps not.

As the friendly waxing technicians, or more popularly known as Striperellas guided me through the vibrant hallways, I felt more and more excited about everything else that awaited me.

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Upon entering the room, I was greeted by these huge curtains that run around a circular rod covering the door. This gives Strip a huge plus factor on my list. What makes us wax-happy girls uncomfortable at times is the fear of exposing ourselves to unwanted people when the technicians come in uninvited or without proper consent. 

There is ample space inside the room. It is big enough to move around and it felt very cozy, as opposed to getting a treatment in a room resembling a medical institution plus they offer cute squeeze toys that aim to help put the first-timers at ease.


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One of the key assets of Strip is hygiene and cleanliness. This shouldn’t come as a surprise ’cause we all know how effortlessly clean Singapore is. True enough, I can say that I was impressed by their practice. I was given moist towelettes to clean the area and some antibacterial cream before the treatment. Waxing opens up your pores, making you susceptible to germs and bacteria. So, by doing their pre-waxing rituals, they could minimize irritation in the treated area.  

They take pride in what they call No double dipping. Ah, the relief.

Strip is the epitome of the ‘feeling of being pampered’. It feels good to know that they genuinely care for their clients and that they TAKE WAXING SERIOUSLY.

Aside from their hygienic practice, I noticed that they also perform the method in a more tolerable  and swift fashion. It was definitely easier to take and less cringe-worthy given the fact that I was about to get my monthly visitor, when the skin is more sensitive.


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All in all, I wouldn’t say that it’s completely different from other waxing salons, after all the main idea is to get rid of hair, which they all seem to accomplish. What I was interested in is the aftermath that comes a few days or weeks following the treatment, which is why I delayed my post just a bit.

What makes it stand out from my past waxing experiences is that hair growth is slower, friendlier and less irritating. The strands seem finer and there seemed to be less development of ingrown and other skin irritation. Like other establishments, I was advised to refrain from wearing tight clothing, getting wet, engaging in (ahem) sexual activity, and to apply their post-wax cream, which are readily available at their stores. 

I was pretty impressed with the results of my first time with strip. And as a person who regularly has her bush trimmed, I’d vie for their quality of service. They make it easy for anybody, even guys can attest to it (Read about Koji Arsua‘s boyzilian Strip experience here). They will make you love the idea of waxing and I’m sure you’ll get hooked.


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When in Manila, don’t wait for summer to strip it off. Regular waxing should be a part of your routine because clean and smooth is always in.  



Strip: Ministry of Waxing


2nd Floor Serendra, Bonifacio High St.,
BGC, Taguig
(+632) 9010892 

Greenbelt 5
4th Floor Greenbelt 5
Ayala Center, Makati
(+632) 501 3997

Operating Hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 11am – 9pm
Friday and Saturday: 11am – 10pm




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