5 Brands That Can Help You Be Beach-Body Ready

After all of the recent festivities for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, it’s understandable if you “celebrated” a little too much and ending up eating much more than you intended. Now that all the celebrations and special feasts have passed, though, it’s once again crunch time to shed those extra few pounds you might have gained.

I can so relate to this, which is why I want to share a few budget-friendly programs I discovered that can help you get that beach body you desire. From home workouts to healthy diets, this list has got you covered!

5 Brands That Can Help You Be Beach-Body Ready


Korio Studios was founded last August 2020 by a group of dancers, so you know you are in good hands—and it’s such a great find. Its main objective is to hone your skills as a dancer, be it in contemporary, street dance, hip hop, or jazz.

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Honestly speaking, one of my go-to cardio workouts when I want to sweat it out is to DANCE! You can dance like nobody is watching—literally—because Korio Studios actually provides videos on-demand. They offer a wide array of videos that can teach you no matter your level—from the basics of dance to intermediate and advance choreographies. Plus, you can avail of their library of videos by subscribing monthly for only Php599!

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One of the budget-friendly video-on-demand platforms, Korio Studios can help you polish your dance skills while keeping you fit. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Try it for yourself! They are offering a three-day free trial for their first-time subscribers.


I stumbled across this new Instagram account by chance and was quite intrigued with their services. I tried two of their programs—their 3-Day Detox and their Customized Nutritional Plan—and, honestly, I was impressed.

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The 3-Day Fat Burn Cleanse is not your ordinary juicing detox. It is also coupled with a hearty soup at the end of every day—something that warms the tummy and is quite filling, as well. I will probably try this again when I need a digestive reset.

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What wowed me, though, is their personalized nutritional plan. The founder, Clara Day Herrera, is a certified vegan and vegetarian nutritionist who trained in Ayurveda in India. She understands that everyone has different and unique dietary requirements, preferences, and nutritional needs. Her understanding of this really translates into her food. Plus, they really do not scrimp on ingredients and serving portions. All of their dishes that I tried were delicious! I’ve tried a lot of diet delivery services and Pillowbread PH is one that I will surely try again.


Nico Bolzico and Erwan Heussaff may be the faces behind the fitness app Rebel, but they are also backed up by an elite team of coaches such as Arnold Aninion, Val De Los Santos, Carla Piscoso, Vince Velasco, and more. With these choices, you will surely be able to pick the best coach that will motivate you to move your booty!

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This app does not only give you quick HIIT workouts and yoga and pilates exercises—it also fuels you with healthy recipes that you can do on your own at home. As they say, abs are actually made in the kitchen, which is why it’s quite crucial to watch what you eat, as well.


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Rebel currently offers a lot of free videos that you can access when you download the app; but you can also upgrade to Rebel Plus for more videos, tips, and recipes for just Php1,499, which is good for one year!


I love how Team Electric embraced change and quickly adapted to creating home workouts on and off the bike. They are one of the largest cycling studios and the fastest-growing on-demand fitness platforms. Be it on their electric rides, rhythm boxing, HIIT, strength training, or flow classes, Electric Studio has got you covered.

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Aside from the live classes they, too, have video-on-demand services to ensure that you have no excuse not to work out! If you ask me, the best part about Electric Studio is the community…and their playlist! When they say that music is intrinsic to their DNA, they aren’t kidding. I love their playlists and theme rides that provide that extra perk and excitement when working out.

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This online healthy grocery is  an off-shoot of Fit Food Manila—one of the largest diet deliveries in the Metro that offers a wide array of meal plans. They have the Fit Food Original (the classic calorie-counted meal plan), Fit Food Plus (low in sugar and carbs but with lots of vegetables and moderate fat), Fit Food Keto (low carb/high fat to trigger ketones), Fit Heart (low fat and low sodium to lower cholesterol, and Fit Food Vegan (plant-based and meat-free).

fit food

Now, Ryan Serrano, the owner of Fit Food, has launched their bestsellers in the market through Fit Food Grocer. You can shop online at www.fitfoodmanila/grocer or at their store in Unimart Greenhills. Their frozen goods are all ready to cook within 5 to 10 minutes – perfect for on-the-go healthy individuals who will not sacrifice their health for convenient food choices.


Choose from Fit Food Grocer’s best-selling Mushroom Sisig, Cauliflower Rice, Cauliflower Crust Pizza, and Super Oats Bowls—all ready-to-cook items you can hoard for whenever you’re having busy days or simply feeling too lazy to prep your own healthy meal.

With the help of these brands, you’ll be able to achieve your body goals in no time.