Books vs. E-Books? Which One Do You Prefer?

I love reading. Any reading material will do–be it paperbacks, magazines, or newspapers. I find joy in reading any of these. It helps kill time when I’m bored.

I was the kind of guy who grew up reading Hardy Boys series, Marvel, and Archie Comics as well. When I was still studying, the library was my favorite spot in school, and book reports were my favorite homework.


Nevertheless, to keep up with modern times, I bought myself an eBook–a Kindle Fire. There are a few things I like about my Kindle. One good thing is the fact that it’s a whole library in itself. I love going on trips and I travel light. I used to bring different reading materials whenever I go out of town, but now I only bring my eBook. Another reason why I like my eBook is its font adjustment feature. When my eyes feel strained, all I do is just change the font size and adjust the lightness of the lettering straight off.


Ebooks are very convenient for a traveler like me who do a lot of reading on the go. However, there were instances when I regretted not bringing printed books. I remember when I was on board a plane from Los Angeles, CA going to Chicago, IL. I was already on the exciting part of the novel I was reading on my eBook when, eventually, the flight attendant asked the passengers to turn off all gadgets and devices. It was so frustrating.

Another regretful experience was when I was riding a bus on a long trip going to Las Vegas and I forgot to charge my eBook. I was again on the climax of the story when the battery ran dead.


For quite some time, I stopped going to public libraries and bookstores. However, given the disadvantages of eBooks, I realized I can’t say goodbye to printed books.


At the end of the day, I’d say books are still better than eBooks. They’re easier to manage, and provide us with stories without having to be powered up.


So. Books or eBooks? Both types have numerous advantages. Most millennials find technology more convenient, while others find the feel and smell of books to be more comforting. The choice is up to you.

How about you? Which do you prefer? Hit us up in the comments and tell us which and why!


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