These Book Covers Will Keep Your Books Safe Wherever You Go

Are you on #TeamPhysicalBooks like I am? If you still read physical books and can’t leave home without one, you might want to keep your babies safe with pretty book covers – and we’ve found some great ones by The Crafty Morena.

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Photo from The Crafty Morena

I don’t just love The Crafty Morena’s crafts coz I’m a bookworm, either. As an advocate of local products, I super appreciate the love and care that is put into each handmade fabric cover and book pouch that The Crafty Morena offers. Each one is delicately sewn with love for all of the book lovers out there.

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Photo from The Crafty Morena

The Crafty Morena shares that she started this shop with the help of her partner and because of the people from the book community that she is a part of. After sharing a photo of her first hand-sewn fabric book cover, she received a ton of inquiries and comments about selling them, so she decided to start this small business.

“Their appreciation for my work made me realize that my simple hobby can also make others happy,” she shares, adding that “creativity is boundless and with the right people and inspiration around you, everything is possible.”

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Photo from The Crafty Morena

Should You Buy Book Covers?

If like The Crafty Morena, you’ve gone through all sorts of ways to protect your books – from plastic covers to gift wrappers – then these book covers are for you. (They’re also a great help when you’re reading a particular book that you don’t want other people to see the title of. :p) “I want my fellow book lovers to be able to bring their books anywhere with ease because of the added protection and also share the same joy whenever I carry books with unique designs,” The Crafty Morena explains.

The book covers aside, The Crafty Morena also offers book pouches that you can easily slip your books into. They’re padded and come in super handy if you want to keep your books safe in your bags.

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Photo from The Crafty Morena

How to Order Book Covers From The Crafty Morena

All of The Crafty Morena’s book covers are made to order. Made of cotton fabric, you can choose any fabric design from her list and then choose the size that you need for your precious books. The covers can generally hold any size because of the garter that they come with and they are also adjustable so you can use them for different books of similar sizes.

Additionally, these book covers come with built-in bookmarks that have a cute charm on them so you never have to worry about losing the page that you are on. You can even get your bookmark personalized to make it all the more special!

The Craft Morena also offers canvas laptop bags and plans to add more products like handcrafted tote bags as well as more customization options soon!

Shop for book covers by The Crafty Morena now!

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