Blue Eagles King Keifer Ravena Courts Lady Eagles Allyssa Valdez

Love is definitely in the air at Ateneo’s sporting scene.

During an intense TV interview with Ateneo Blue Eagles team captain Keifer Ravena and Lady Eagles Alyssa Valdez, it has been confirmed that Ravena is courting Valdez.


According to the interview, The two are not “yet” officially a couple – but the Eagle king struck the point that he’s in love with the Atenean vollybelle.

Asked if he’s willing to propose to Valdez if the world ends tonight, he answered “Yeah, I would.”

As for Kiefer’s chances at getting Alyssa’s “yes”, Valdez said that there’s always hope; it just boils down to the right timing.

Ravena said that he loves Alyssa’s vibrant personality, something that he finds very infectious.

Both being student-athletes, Valdez says she’s happy to have someone like Kiefer who understands what she goes through.

The two have been a hot topic in social media, often seen together in public events.

A few months back, the two were caught in an issue surrounding Ravena’s break-up with another collegiate volleyball superstar, but the issue doesn’t seem to be a problem for the two.

What can you say about the Ravena-Valdez love team?


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