BLOGGING. It’s More Fun with SMART BRO!!!

BLOGGING. It’s More Fun with SMART BRO!!!

Here at When In Manila, as you can see, it is evident how passionate each writer is in featuring our experiences with you all!

But you see, it’s also not easy to create such quality articles for after each experience, we have to sit down and alot time to compose  our stories for you to read. As for Frank and I who  are serious in providing our readers with highl quality photos, we even take the time (at least a day) to post process them one by one. The time and effort which we pour with every article we make is also very fulfilling to us! No wonder we never run out of opportunities!

Moreover, I recently realized that since we are always on the go, lurking and wandering all over the archipelago, having a reliable mobile broadband stick is really a must in order for us to publish our articles right away and to keep us connected to‘s huge online network (57,000 and rising on FB alone).

glad I made the right choice!



I recall that day when I first used a mobile broadband stick. It was the day when I joined the final round for the Sooo Pinoy Search for the Ultimate Pinoy Food Blogger……

The night before that, the organizers  texted me and said, “Kindly bring your broadband stick with you because after the challenge, you have to write a blog post.” ~~~~ I panicked! OMG!!!!! I have never used a mobile broadband stick before! I’ve seen them being advertised but I never really thought about buying one since I was contented with the connection in my house. On that day, I had no choice though…. I already survived 2 difficult rounds so I won’t let this simple broadband stick dilemma hinder me.

The 1st question that popped into my mind was, “Which broadband stick should I buy?” For that competition which was on a very tight deadline, I knew I needed a very reliable one which will enable me to upload my photos really quick and publish my article on time. I asked  my friends for recommendations and majority of them suggested me to buy the SMART BRO stick!

The next morning, before going to the finals, I went out the house very early to buy myself one. I bought it for 1,245 pesos and it already came with over 200 free hours which I found to be really nice as compared with the other brands. Yet still, the big question was…..will it be fast enough to satisfy my needs? 

When I arrived at the meeting place, I remember installing the device right away and was surprised because it was very easy to install. I then tested it and logged-on to my social networking sites and Hhhhhmmmmmmm so far so good!

And so the games began and all of us went on our food trip! We visited 3 restos from 2-6pm. Afterwards, we were asked to post our reviews by 8 pm that same day!!!!!  So I realized I only got less than 2 hours to publish that article  of 3 restos!! Waaaaaaahhhhh

Editing photos and writing an article in 2 hours time was really crazy but I had to do it and I did!!! 

I was really surprised with how reliable the SMART Bro Broadband stick was to me that day! I was able to upload my photos quickly because the connection was stable. I guess I was also blessed with a nice spot with a strong SMART signal at that area. 8pm came and thank God, I was able to submit my final article on time! Yay! After finishing, I even chatted with my friends, sent some emails and even watched some videos!  I’m one satisfied customer!

I would have to say that SMART Bro helped me a lot with my entry. If not for SMART Bro‘s stable wireless connection, I wouldn’t have made it on time for the final submission and wouldn’t have won as the BEST PINOY FOOD BLOGGER!! SMART BRO really saved my day!


BLOGGING. It’s More Fun with SMART BRO!!!

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