Blogapalooza Bloggers Event Kicks Off! First B2B: Business to Blogger Networking Event!




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When In Manila, never in a million years would I have imagined that we’d help build an event to better create a link between the Business World and the Blogging Blogosphere!


Blogapalooza is an event envisioned by my team at where we thought to find a way for businesses to meet influential social media experts.



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It’s really a one of a kind B2B: Business to Blogger type of networking event!


We realized that there are lots of small and medium sized businesses who can’t quite afford to throw media events. Not only would it cost too much to rent a venue, pay for food, prepare giveaways and lease out an event management team, but they also don’t know which bloggers they should invite!


It was from this need, plus our desire to meet more bloggers and businesses that we came up with Blogapalooza!



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Blogapalooza promises to bring together 100-150 influential bloggers and social media marketers into a venue where businesses, big and small, can come present their brand, products, services, widgets and thingamajigs to the online bloggers and writers. In turn, bloggers tend to share things they like with their thousands of readers, fans and followers.


Best of all, we ask all the businesses participating to bring samples of their brand, products, services, widgets and thingamajigs so that the bloggers can fully experience it! This in turn makes for one hell of a giant gift bag for each blogger attending! An added bonus aside from getting to meet businesses interested in online social media marketing.



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Originally, we thought this was a cool idea and we might get a few businesses and a few bloggers wanting to come…. not long after launching, we realized that we were in way over our heads!


After hundreds of bloggers applying to receive an invite and over a hundred businesses also applying to be a presenter, we had to cut it down to 150 bloggers and about 50 presenters and sponsors.


150 Confirmed Bloggers Attending Blogapalooza ONE on Sept 17


We’re really overwhelmed by the positive outpour of support and thank you all for this wonderful surprise for our first ever Blogapalooza.


THANK YOU to our 50 Partners, Sponsors and Presenters


For those wanting to attend, but were not invited to this, do not worry as we’ll be having Blogapalooza 2, The Online Christmas Gift Giving Guide very soon!


When In Manila, for more info about Blogapalooza or if you want to be part of the Blogapalooza community for updates on future events, check out our website at



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Blogapalooza Bloggers Event Kicks Off! First B2B: Business to Blogger Networking Event!