Blast from the Past – Full Blast Pinoy Super Bands: The Concert

It was indeed TGIF on October 20 – not just because it was Friday, but because Thank God It’s Full Blast Pinoy Super Bands the Concert. It was rock and roll heaven like no other as the gig boasted of a stellar lineup of OPM rock’s finest acts. Featuring electrifying performances from 70’s Rock Legends – Lolita Carbon of Asin, Maria Cafra and Juan Dela Cruz Band, 80’s Pinoy Punk Pioneers – The Wuds, 90’s Rock Icons – Basti Artadi, Dong Abay, Razorback, and The Youth, and Pinoy Nu-Metal heroes, Queso.

Banda ni Kleggy

The Chongkeys


The show was opened by Banda ni Kleggy, Hilera and The Chongkeys…

Juan Dela Cruz Band

Wally Gonzalez of Juan Dela Cruz Band

Joey “Pepe” Smith

Mike Hanopol & Pepe Smith

Pepe Smith

First to perform among the headlining acts was the Juan Dela Cruz Band, formed during the late 60s by founding member and guitarist, Wally Gonzalez. The group had many reincarnations during their initial years, but the power trio of Wally Gonzalez, Mike Hanopol and Joey “Pepe” Smith solidified their act and were considered the forefathers that lay the foundation on what is now known as “Pinoy Rock”.

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