Blade 350QX2 Quadcopter: Fun Flying and Serious Aerial Photography In One Amazing Drone!

Blade 350QX2 Quadcopter: Fun Flying and Serious Aerial Photography In One Amazing Drone!

Have you ever wanted a super cool RC as a kid? Do you still want one now? What if I tell you that there’s an RC that can safely fly way way high up in the sky and is extremely fun at the same time? Did I mention that you can mount a GoPro or an action camera onto it, so you can do some cool aerial photos and videos, as well? Did all of those questions excite you? Then let me show you the Blade 350QX2 Quadcopter!!! Finally brought to the Philippines by Pitshop RC, the Blade 350QX2 Quadcopter aims to be a fun Ready-To-Fly quadcopter that can go toe-to-toe serious against the aerial photography of the famous DJI Phantom 2! Thank you Pitshop RC for bringing it locally!

Blade 350QX2 Quadcopter

The Blade 350QX2 Quadcopter is an RTF drone/quadcopter/heli, whatever you want to call it, it’s all the same. RTF means “Ready-To-Fly”. The Blade 350QX2 is basically good to go when you buy it. No need to buy and build parts like other drones or quadcopters in the market. It took me around 30 minutes to fly the Blade 350QX2. Could have been faster, but I chose to learn how to fly it with the help of the friendly people at Pitshop RC. Thanks to the tutorial, I was flying it in no time!

Michael Ang, owner of Pitshop RC is a fun and friendly guy; he helped me through and through with the Blade 350QX2 and answered all of my queries. When I was getting my Blade 350QX2, there were a father and son looking to buy an off-road RC and Sir Michael Ang entertained the little guy and helped them himself. It’s rare to find people who are truly passionate and dedicated to their business and hobby. This is probably the reason why Pitshop RC has been in the local remote control industry for so long now. Kudos to you, Sir Michael Ang!



The Blade 350QX2 comes with 4 extra rotor blades, the DX4e remote control (more commonly known to hobbyists as the radio), a 3000mah batter, a fast charger, and a mount for GoPro cameras – all the basic things you need to fly and to take aerial photos and videos. Its performance is really good! It’s very agile and has great control hovering in the same spot even with some wind pushing it.

The Blade 350QX2 has 3 flight settings. 1st is the Safe Mode where up is always away from you and down is always back, and where you can’t fly it without a GPS lock to find out where it launched. 2nd mode is the AP Mode where it is all pretty much same, except the controls are normal with up is the front of the drone and back is the reverse of the drone. It can fly without GPS lock on this mode. 3rd is the Agility mode where you have absolute control of the drone and no help is given with the leveling and controls. It is best to practice with the Safe Mode or AP Mode first!

One great thing about the Blade 350QX2 is the accurate home function where it goes back to where you launched it if the radio connection gets cut, or if you manually turn off the radio. It’s not 100% accurate, but that’s to be understood since many factors affect the auto home like wind and GPS signal. Do expect it to land at least 3 meters away from where it launched, though. Not bad!


So, if you’re looking for a fun flying experience, or want to do some aerial photography, check out the Blade 350QX2, which is locally carried by Pitshop RC. It is very agile, fun, and stable to fly! Pitshop RC also carries tons of accessories, and upgrades for the Blade 350QX2, as well as other RCs like drift and off-road RCs! They’ve been in the business for so long, so if you’re getting into the RC hobby, do check out Pitshop RC. The Blade 350QX2 RTF (Ready-To-Fly) version which comes with a DX4e radio is priced at Php 25,000.00 while the BNF version, which does not come with a radio is priced at Php 22,000.00 – both from Pitshop RC.

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Blade 350QX2 Quadcopter: Fun Flying and Serious Aerial Photography In One Amazing Drone!


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