Black Valentine’s: Treat Your Special Someone to a Valentine’s Date They Shan’t Forget!

The room, pitch black. The shy hint of fragrance floats in the air.


I grope for the thing my appetite yearns the most. Excitement mounting, you make contact with my wanting lips.


The texture is fantastic! I am amazed by the swirl of flavors you introduce. This is vaguely familiar, but each bite gives birth to a new form of appreciation.


It is both serious engagement and playful folly. No one can see us. I try my best to use every available sense. I try my best to experience this every imaginable way I can. 



No, this is not an excerpt from a film noir; nor is it taken from a leaf of a novela. But When In Manila and hungry for a unique way to celebrate Valentine’s with your special someone, craft up a zero-visibility dining experience without the need for night vision goggles!


The brainchild of Axel Rudolph, manager of Unsicht-Bar in Cologne, Germany, the Dining in the Dark concept has been adapted and reinterpreted by different restaurateurs around the world. In this article, we show you how to whip up such a feast for the senses to fit anyone’s budget and make your loved one feel extra special this Valentine’s.


All waiters at Unsicht-Bar are either completely blind or visually handicapped to rule out any unfair advantage. Well, pretty sure your partner will not object to you having one!


Step #1: Plan with a Budget

The first step is to consider your budget, then plan out when and where you will celebrate Valentine’s. You can do it at home, in a hotel room, or – if you’re gutsy enough – even a fancy restaurant! Just be sure everyone (except your special someone) is informed and amenable to your plans.

The setting usually predicts the gourmet, but you may also start with the choice of food and work your way to a compatible setup. If your partner has been insisting that you cook for her/him, then this might be a good opportunity to put your Michelin star-calibre skills to the test!



Need help? Call up the gang to do things faster, then allot extra portions to share with them.

Step #2: Shop for a Good Blindfold

You want a blindfold that offers zero visibility. To be sure, try it yourself. Look down and see if you can peek through the bottom part of the blinds. Usually that’s the un-blind side that defeats the purpose of the exercise. Try to find blindfolds with unique messages or cartoon characters that your partner likes. You can even ask her/him to choose from several blindfolds what she/he prefers to use.


Blindfolds are fun in more ways than one!


Step #3: News Flash! Guide Your Special Someone Through the Meal


So you’ve cooked up a feast. You’ve blindfolded your partner and have led her/him to a seat. You’ve even served the aperitif! The problem is your partner cannot see anything, and for someone who has been used to using their eyes for practically everything they do, leaving them to figure out how to consume their meal is not only close to impossible – it’s terribly unromantic. 



Self service is NOT the way to go!

Guiding your partner through the course is a great bonding activity for couples. It develops trust and a healthy dependence on the leading of the partner. (Trust me, I’m a psychologist.) Plus, there’s bound to be a lot of holding (and maybe even kissing) as you do this activity together. With that said, have a hearty meal yourself before everything goes down – and brush!


Additional Tips


There are tons of ways to make this experience exciting for the two of you. Off hand, you can ask your partner to guess the items that you’re about to serve. If she/he gets a certain number of items correct, tell her that she/he will receive a prize. (Even if your partner doesn’t win, I think it’s but just to reward her/his effort with the prize, no?)

If you’re preparing the course yourself, try adding something unexpected in your dishes. Think Fusion: add an ingredient to transform a fairly regular dish to something totally unique, or in your lineup of dishes insert an item that is not associated with the other items at all. Be creative, but make sure that you do not divert too much from your theme.


 Our hosts served dark chocolates with green mango bits and salt, ampalaya chips, and suman panna cotta. Plus, each of us had a personal masseuse!

The Little Bird – More Like a Gigantic Bee! – That Inspired This Article


I’ve been itching to write something for Valentine’s; didn’t expect Jollibee to hand me the light bulb! The proudly Filipino food corporation held their own Dining in the Dark event to introduce their new product to food bloggers. It’s the Chicken & Mushroom Pasta, made with portions of real ground chicken meat, sliced mushrooms, and a special blend of tomatoes, herbs, and spices that gives its unique flavor and taste.


Introducing the new Jollibee Chicken & Mushroom Pasta! 


Blindfolded and waiting, the sweet smell of the pasta reminded me of Jolly Spaghetti, but the tomatoes and herbs make the new offering more aromatic. The pasta’s texture is similar to their spaghetti also, with several bloggers remarking that they preferred it to be more al dente. The button mushrooms add crispness to the dish, but overall the pasta still owes its taste to the hint of basil and the other herbs and spices in the sauce.

The Chicken & Mushroom Pasta will be made available in all Jollibee stores nationwide beginning February 9, 2012.

When In Manila and planning on something special this Valentine’s, create your own Dining in the Dark event.

Turn the heat up with some food love.


Make your partner feel like royalty.


And turn off the lights…




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