Black Eyed Peas at the Fever Luxe Lounge Hotel Sofitel West Coast Party

When In Manila when the clock strikes one where on earth could you possibly be? Perhaps rotting in bed and having your good ol’  lappy as your companion waiting for your eyes to finally give in and sleep?  If I were you, head down to the newest and most exclusive luxe lounge, Fever . Located at The Plaza of the Sofitel Philippine Plaza, it is starting to become one of the most popular evening destinations for nightlife connoisseurs.


Last week I wanted to transcend to another world of partying and was glad I chose to go here over the other typical bars in the metro. I headed out for a West Coast Wednesday Party at Fever. I need a quick escape from the boredom and stresses of city partying! Fever said it was a special night edition and voila! It was an epic night as the International pop star Allan Pineda Lindo, Jr., popularly known as of the Grammy Award-winning group Black Eyed Peas was their special surprise guest! Partying on a mid week had never been this cool. I totally felt like I was on a West Coast getaway with the DJs bringing the beach vibe to the city.


Temperature rose as Black Eyed Peas’ Apl de Ap graced the West Coast Party at Fever. He partied with everyone else just like a normal guy, no fame intact. Such a pretty cool guy, not to mention very down to earth.  Do you also know that he recently launched a music library and a computer laboratory at the Holy Angel University (HAU) and at the Sapangbato National High School (SNHS) where he attended before migrating to the United States? was born and raised in Pampanga before an American family adopted him and brought him to the US when he was only 14. He initiated those projects out of his vision to provide students in his hometown easier access to information technology. He has never forgotten where he came from and has always been proud of his roots. His songs deal with our culture and our country itself. He once mentioned that he likes coming back to the Philippines because of his countrymen’s warmth that keeps him grounded.

It was always a breather to see visiting the Philippines once again.  He is a globally successful artist and Pinoy at heart, apl served to be the olive on every woman’s martini  in Fever that night. He sported that genuine smile all throughout the night.  Fever may be crowded but it’s noticeable that their service was neat as they were all fast and efficient. I cannot even count how many times they changed my dirty liquour glass for a clean one. Exquisite service.


I wasn’t anymore surprised that Fever attracts the same beautiful people because behind it is the usual famous kingpins of the Manila scene:  Tim Yap, Stephen Ku, GP Reyes, and JM Rodriguez. Fever at Sofitel is the perfect venue for a quick evening getaway. Merely 20 minutes away from Makati,  you are surrounded by the luxurious and natural surroundings of the hotel. No doubt that it is the ultimate party setting for a club as hot as Fever.


Fever boasts of a winsome and amiable setting, semi-gothic, cloaked, dramatic chandeliers, private boudoirs, crystal beads, and touches of Baroque-style décor made the lounge ultra-chic and beautiful. Sooo Moulin Rouge. The hip and vibe is there yet with a dash of being classy and edgy. Perfect mix!


The DJs absolutely gave Fever a delicious blend of showcased West Coast Party music.  You get your midweek dose of house, dance and RnB music. They were smooth stuff yet thoroughly danceable. People rolled up the rug and partied the night away. Who wouldn’t? APL of the Black Eyes Peas is on the house baby!  When In Manila end your search for that perfect night spot as FEVER is here to stay.



Fever Luxe Lounge is located at the Plaza Level of Sofitel Philippine Plaza, CCP Complex, Pasay City. For restaurant inquiries and bookings, please call 832.6988, or email at


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