Bistro Miyake, a Must Try for Japanese Food Lovers

When in Manila and craving for Japanese food, head on over to Bistro Miyake  at Annapolis Street in Greenhills for a tasty Japanese treat. As soon as I stepped in, I was surprised with how charming the place was, especially because Annapolis street isn’t.  Outside, it’s crazy busy but step inside this place and you’ll be sure to find yourself  feeling like you’re away from the city.

The whole look and feel of the place was very modern but not stiff, even the lighting was just perfect, that yellow hue always makes your date look better, haha, not that my friends needed help in that department! Even the soft jazz music in the background greatly helped in how calm this place made us feel. The servers were also friendly and warm and made us feel right at home. And the food? Ahhhhh the food. Now, you might be overwhelmed with their menu, what with it having 14 pages and all —  they’ve got everything from salads, to sashimi’s, maki’s, teppan, i could clearly go on and on, but you get the point, and if you’re not too sure of what to order, here are a few meals you might like to try yourselves.

Otoshi, or dilis as what we usually call it here in the Philippines was given to us as an appetizer. It was sweet and crunchy and although I would’ve liked to have more, I wanted to make room for the rest of the food we were planning on having.

If you’re a fan of Miso soup, you’d be happy to find that  the soup that was prepared for us, their Dobin Mushi, tasted just like it but with the added bonus of shrimps, chicken and vegetables.  It’s the perfect light, clear soup you’d like to start with if you know you’ll be having more of the Japanese treats.

Dobin Mushi PHP165 (Good for two. Bigger bowl not shown in Picture)


The Miyake Napoleon Salad looked very appealing! Just on top of the colorful and mixed greens were fried wanton and in between the fried wanton were tuna and sashimi (a wonderful surprise, I must say!). The vegetables were fresh and crunchy, I just wasn’t a huge fan of their wasabi vinaigrette though, but that ‘s just me. Perhaps with another type of dressing, i would have enjoyed it more.

Miyake Napoleon Salad PHP285


Up next was the Spicy Tuna Crunch. Fresh tuna mixed with red chili, tempura crisps and Japanese mayonnaise topped with wasabi ebiko. Now I love crunchy tuna maki’s in other Japanese resto’s so I’d have to say I was pretty biased in saying, this was my favorite in Bistro Miyake. It may not have had the rice but it didn’t have to. I was more than happy to finish the whole thing  (I wasn’t planning on pigging out, believe me, but it could not be helped!)

Spicy Tuna Crunch PHP235


Buta Kakuni is their slow braised pork belly with Shitake and Potato and let me tell you, the pork was so soft and juicy, it melted in my mouth! I would’ve appreciated it more if it had less of the fat and more, more, more of the meat! But if you’re not trying to keep your figure, trust me, you have got to try this! A little fat never hurt anyone, I left the dieting complaints for tomorrow and lived in the perfect now and yes, finished this meal along with my friends. Even the potatoes were fried just right leaving the outside perfectly crunchy and the inside still soft and moist. Yum!

Buta Kakuni PHP350


If you’re a fan of seafood, you probably love salmon too and I hear ya! Hence, another must try. Bistro Miyake’s Salmon in Wasabi Cream Sauce is so rich and creamy, that like me, you might find yourself clearing that plate, with your spoon and fork  like there’s no tomorrow (forget trying to chow down your meal with chopsticks, it doesn’t “clean” your plate enough). Clearly, this wasn’t a day for dieting. We’ll leave that for tomorrow.

Salmon in Wasabi Cream Sauce PHP275


I need meat, when there’s a choice of meat or fish, I always go for meat, so the beef teppan was a meal I was looking forward to eating. If you prefer the local tenderloin, you can get that for only PHP295, but for today, we got to try their prime rib-eye which if you decide to order and get 200g, you pay 1,250. If you’re eating for yourself and just decide to get 100g, that’s 450, not bad at all for good quality steak.  The meat, cooked tepanyaki style and paired with bean sprouts and vegetables, was tender, juicy and just perfect.

Beef Tepan Prime Rib-eye (200g) PHP1200


We should have been too full to have dessert but once we had a spoonful of their Crepe Samurai, their version of the Mango crepe, we knew there was no turning back, and we were more than happy to finish the whole thing.

Crepe Samurai PHP195

So When in Manila and looking for the perfect place to have Japanese food, don’t forget to try out Bistro Miyake! How 3 people finished all prepared meals above is beyond me. You should’ve seen our plates, I’d post it here but it’s pretty embarrassing to show that all plates served were so clean in the end, you’d think we weren’t fed at home! One thing is for sure, Bistro Miyake, we will see you again soon!


Special thanks to Sharon and the rest of the crew who took care of us and made sure that everything was perfect.


Bistro Miyake

Unit 101 Intrawest Building, No. 33 Annapolis St.

Greenhills San Juan City








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