BISTECCA: Rockwell’s Top Notch Steak Restaurant

Calling all steak lovers…When In Manila and you want a steak splurge, there’s a gem called BISTECCA  nestled in the heart of Rockwell that awaits you.  This is not for the budget-minded as they have a hefty price, but the steaks will definitely put you on a different high. If you want to score Rockwell best steaks, be ready to break a bank but this is a steak resto that is considerably top notch.



First foot on the door and you’ll be welcomed with Bistecca’s projected class vibe. High ceiling, low lighting, cozy glass walls, upscale surroundings. The warm, rich glow atmosphere will wrap around you once you’re inside.



Though decors are not that opulent, the artistic chandelier made out of cola bottles is truly an eye catcher, add up the artistically painted walls.



One thing that they pride themselves with is their luscious, heavyweight steaks.



The Bistecca 122 (Php 295/100g) approx Php2,950. Serves 2-4



Bistecca’s house specialty…I’d say they are “Steaks to Share”. This is their most popular cut, an approximately 1 kilo of USDA Choice Bone in Rib Eye roast. The server will initially present the steak as a whole before having it sliced.  Whole slab of steak, how humongous!



The steak cuts are sublime. It was visibly thick enough, and a well-marbled cut—I can even cut it with a fork and the way it melts in my mouth was just divine. Bistecca serves only USDA certified beef and they highly recommend it to be cooked medium rare but of course they can still cook it in your preferred doneness. 



Three house sauces: horseradish, mustard and peppercorn sauce to give the beef a unique flavour. You can ignore the sauces as I feel they’re not that necessary since the beef has such a nice flavour to it already. It can accentuate your meat or if you just want some pizzazz, try the garlic salt as I think it jives well with the meat.





Next is they drizzled a bit of olive oil on my plate and served us a rack of 3 kinds of salt: truffle salt, spicy salt and garlic herbed salt. The taste of the meat was as massive as its size, tender and moist. I love that it’s not stringy.  It was nicely adorned with that charred crust on the outside and an averagely red colour on the inside. My carnivore pangs were extremely satisfied.



Indeed the price you pay for that slab is worth it. Mouthwatering goodness yet with Bistecca you won’t feel upset with how they treat their meats.





Duck Breast Salad (Php 550) Roasted duck breast on mixed greens with a raspberry dressing topped with dark Chocó.



The nicely fanned out duck breast slices sitting on that mixed greens will spearhead your appetite. The raspberry dressing gave a mild compliment to the duck meat’s flavour, not too sweet that it overpowers the meat. A decadent salad that is recommendable as a light entrée.



Parma Ham (Php 480) Parma Ham on Asparagus topped with Poached Egg.


Ahh, another light healthy starter. If you think that only bacon can make the perfect partner for asparagus, think again. It resembles a bouquet of flowers, artfully arranged!


The Parma hams were like comfortable blankets embracing the spears and that poached egg? It’s merely waiting for your mighty fork to attack it and then gush its sunshine goodness out. 



The ham is as soft and silky as the egg, it instantly disappears in your mouth, needs not much of effort in chewing. That yellow poached goodness is so tempting! I slowly sip the yolk, that’s my way of eating it. Try it rather than pricking it 🙂 You’d know how the yolk will blast inside your mouth then!


Pan Seared Foie Gras (Php 850) Pan Seared Foie Gras with caramelized apples in a Port Wine reduction.



Considerably the highlight of the entrées served. The inside of the Foie Gras was really creamy and the outside was cooked with an ample crispiness. The caramelized apple refreshes ones palate. Though I prefer eating Foie Gras on its own, I think the addition of the caramelized apples gave a new approach to it.



Truffle French Fries (Php 220)



Medium sized truffle fries with a very strong smell, yet very appetizing too. Those with sensitive sense of smell might be a lil put off with this but the aroma was actually the reason you’d find yourself biting from one fries after the other.




Mr. Lito Caballero, Bistecca’s Gen. Manager was so nice to let us taste their desserts as well, as if the spread wasn’t enough to make us full! But as always, the tunnel to resistance was null and void. Thanks so much Lito! 



You can always ask the Bistecca Team for the featured desserts of the day! 



Even if you’re not a meat maven, Bistecca is too tough to pass up When In Manila. A glass or bottle of wine would be perfect for toasting and enjoying the night at Rockwell. Perhaps you’d find yourself frequenting this place more, for times that you just don’t care and wants that Steak Splurge!



122 Joya, Rockwell, Makati City




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