Billy Crawford Prank Calls James Reid, Tries to Borrow P5 Million

Billy Crawford prank called James Reid and tried to borrow P5 million from the actor.

On the show Lunch Out Loud on TV5, Billy prank called James and said that he is about to lose his house because he hasn’t earned any money in seven months. Billy said that he only has a few months to pay P5 million.

“Are you good if I can like borrow, let’s say, in advance, P5 million,” Billy asked James.

james reid

Photo: James Reid (@james) IG

“So right now my situation is most of my money is in Australia,” James replied. “So, I have about (amount) here with me.”

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James said that he is willing to help, but Billy decided to take the prank a step further. Billy asked James if he could borrow his car, and James agreed. Billy even asked James if it is okay to sell the car that he will borrow.

billy crawford prank calls james reid

Screenshot from Lunch Out Loud YouTube

Billy and the co-hosts couldn’t help their laughter and decided to tell James that it was a prank. Billy also said that one of the reasons why James was a target for this prank is that because he knows that he will never leave him hanging.

James laughed it off and told Billy, “Bro, Imma f**king kill you when I see you!”

You can watch the video of the prank call below:

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