#BigasHindiBala: The Strong Cry to Help El Niño-Stricken Farmers

One of the saddest stories I’ve ever heard is about “farmers begging for rice.”

Aren’t they the ones planting rice? How come they are the ones begging for it?

And how did it end up, people begging for rice being showered with gunshots instead?

What has happened to our country?

On social media, you can hear some of strongest cries asking to help our El Niño-stricken farmers. I hope these cries don’t land on deaf ears and just result to empty promises to aid our hungry farmers.

This is terrible. Our hungry farmers should be given the rice they are begging for. Come on, they are the ones putting food on our table. The ones providing us food should not be the ones starving.

How can we help?

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