Bicol’s Famous Bigg’s is Now in Manila

Whenever my friends ask me about must-try restaurants in Bicol, Bigg’s is always on top of my list. Growing up, this homegrown brand has been a familiar and well-loved food place for celebrations and even for ordinary weekends with my family and friends. The warm welcome I get from the staff every time I enter the store, their melt-in-your mouth cheese burger, their crispy fried chicken that’s simply like no other, and their tender baby back ribs… they all feel like home!

Just when I started craving for my personal favorites again, Bigg’s finally opened its first store in Manila! No need to travel to Bicol or Batangas (where their stores are currently located), no more painggit stories – Bigg’s is now here to serve us!

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Photo from Bigg’s Diner Official Facebook page.

A true pride of Bicol, Bigg’s Diner started serving Bicolanos in 1983. Chief Executive Officer Carlos Buenaflor shares that the reason why they thrive and succeed is because of their dedication to giving value to their customers. Their goal as a quick service restaurant has always been to provide a better dining experience without compromising on price. They ensure that they bring “bigger and better” food offerings to their customers.

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Photo from Bigg’s Diner Official Facebook page.

If you’re from Bicol, you might find yourself asking why there’s no “Diner” word on their signage in Manila. According to Mr. Buenaflor, removing the word “Diner” is their way of getting rid of the mixed perceptions that Manilenos (and Filipinos, in general) might have about Bigg’s being a diner. It is neither an expensive restaurant nor a food place that offers a limited menu.

IMG 7623

Full house. Manila is indeed waiting for this!

For their branch in SM Fairview, Bigg’s will be focusing on serving their bestsellers, including their fried chicken, burger, and ribs. “We will soon expand to include other items in our menu,” Buenaflor promises. So fret not!

As for the store ambiance, they will be retaining the same retro vibe of the rest of their branches.

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Photo from Bigg’s Diner Official Facebook page.

IMG 7633

Craving for Bigg’s Cheese Burger?

While there is still no definite date and place as to where Bigg’s Diner will branch out next, Buenaflor says that people can expect Bigg’s to be available in key locations in Manila, including neighborhood malls, in the next coming months.

He also shares that Bigg’s will be exploring more ways to reach the diverse market in Metro Manila. They will also be partnering with delivery platforms, so we can get our favorites right at our doorsteps.


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