BGC Towing Cars Despite NO SIGNAGES, Claim Illegal to Park Anywhere in Bonifacio Global City

BGC Towing Cars Despite NO SIGNAGES, Claim It Is Illegal to Park Anywhere in Bonifacio Global City

Walking back to your car, and finding nothing but an empty parking space is one that can give the toughest of people a mild heart attack!  That split second of thinking your car was stolen and wondering what the hell happened is one that I do not wish on my worst enemy. 

Now is there anything worse than getting your car towed? Well, how about getting your car towed seemingly illegally!!!!

Below is the first hand account from one of our readers who says the people at BGC are towing cars, simply because it is supposedly “illegal” to park on any streets in the prestigious country known as BGC:

Before I begin with the gist of this article, I would like to state for a fact that one of my favorite local places in all of Metro Manila is Bonifacio Global City, mainly Bonifacio High Street. I think that the developers of this city did a marvelous job during the planning and execution of its projects. 

Last Saturday evening, July 5, 2014, at around 8:00 PM; we drove to BGC because I wanted to have dinner at Mercato Centrale. When we arrived, the parking lot across the soccer field naturally had a lot of cars lined up, so the primary instinct was to find an alternative parking space so as to avoid queuing up. The last time that we were there, which was a few weeks ago; we parked on the street beside the Lexus dealership and it had attendants who asked for P30.00 justified by a ticket. This time, we were surprised to find no attendants. Still, there were a bunch of cars parked or idled there. Since there were no indications or signages that parking was not allowed, we parked; all the while looking around to spot attendants or anyone we could ask if it was okay to leave the car there. There was no one. 

After dinner, we headed towards our car and to our surprise, it was gone! I had a little panic attack in my head while double-checking if that was the right spot where we had parked. My wife noticed a signage that said “Your car has been towed.” on the spot where the car was. This time there was a security guard who worked at a nearby construction area and he confirmed it. Two cars just got towed. 

BGC’s System of a Down – No Signages, But Cars Are Getting Towed Anyway?!?

Towing Cars


Luckily, the impounding area was a convenient walk away from there, but all the while we were wondering why it happened and whether it was even legal. Right then, we spotted a tow truck with a car that was being towed. We asked why they were towing cars away when there were no signages informing people that parking on the streets wasn’t allowed. The guy instructed us to just head to the impounding area.


Towing Cars


And so we did. When we got there, there were quite a few people already questioning the logic of all of this while there were 2 guards who arrogantly said that parking on the streets in BGC is not allowed. Anyway, this was the penalty: you have to pay P1,500 for the towing company that you did not hire to tow your car, and they will confiscate your driver’s license, after which you’ll need to head to Bicutan after a few days to pay another P400 to get your license back. 

I would like to emphasize on the “deputized” security guards that were on duty there that night. Another lady and I were explaining to them that there were no signages, so they should not be towing cars. One guard said with an arrogant tone:

Dito sa BGC, bawal pumarada kung saan saan kaya namin tino-tow yan. (Here at BGC, you can’t park just anywhere, that’s why we towed that)

While the other said:

Kung ako nasa kalagayan niyo, magtatanong muna ako bago ako paparada.” (If I were you, I would ask first before I park)

No amount of reasoning or explanation would get through to their heads, so there really was in no use arguing with them. They clearly felt like they were on the right side of the law. The whole time, I was thinking, “We’re visitors! We’re here to spend money! We’re customers! And we should not be treated this way!” But what good would that do? They had their minds made up.

Some of the personnel were nodding their heads as we explained things, but not much else. The collective anger of the people or more appropriately, the victims, were directed towards these two security guards. One of them even said:

“Nag pa-circulate na kami ng instruction na bawal mag park sa mga kalsada!” (We circilated information that it is illegal to park on the streets)

With a smirk on my face, I said, “Kanino?” (To whom?) 

And he responded, “Sa mga establishment dito sa BGC.” (to the establishments here at BGC)

I just shook my head and laughed in frustration.

Towing Cars

Readers, do you agree with me if I were to conclude that this is some sort of highway robbery? I’m sure that the process in which they towed cars and enforced laws came from whoever is running the city and it should really be their job to enforce those laws, but how everything is set up seems a little bit questionable. First of all, that street was made available for parking complete with parking attendants and parking tickets. All legit. A few weeks after, though, – on the same street! – they’ll just tow your car telling you that parking on the streets is illegal? They will charge you for the tow truck, confiscate your license, inconvenience you to go to Bicutan to get it back after paying another fine? What are your thoughts on this? Was it really the fault of at least 4 or 5 drivers for not knowing their rules? 

And finally, I would like to appeal to whoever runs the show in BGC. You maintain your beautiful city because of people like us – people who work hard and choose to spend their money in your establishments. Food and entertainment there are not cheap; but because you did such a good job in creating this modern marvel in Metro Manila, we still choose to go there. I’m not saying that I did not commit a violation. I might have, but please observe the process on how you enforce your laws and put yourselves in our shoes. I believe that if you properly put up clear signages, people will not just go around breaking your laws. Hey, look, I’m a fan of rule and law implementing but there has to be a better way wherein you don’t let people undeservingly feel like criminals after having a good time in your city. I’m a bit reluctant now on going back because I know that in some way, my hard-earned money will just somehow support the arrogant implementation of your traffic rules, as well as pay for the salaries of your traffic enforcers. 

As a public service announcement, I would like to use this story to tell the readers to just park at designated parking areas in BGC. I believe that their goal in towing and penalizing people is to not have a need for them in the near future; so with my experience worth the penalty fee of P1,900, let’s help them! And hopefully they won’t be receiving any revenues this way because everyone will then become law-abiding citizens. 

Written by Kerwin Sy.

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you think they have sufficient reasoning to tow cars? Is this legal?

Can they confiscate your license like that? Just for parking violations?

What should someone do if their car was towed? 

BGC Towing Cars Despite NO SIGNAGES, Claim It Is Illegal to Park Anywhere in Bonifacio Global City

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