You Can Now Listen To Beyoncé’s First Single From Her Lion King-Inspired Album

Beyoncé recently dropped her newest single, Spirit, last July 9.

With it came the news of a whole new album directly inspired by her appearance on the live-action remake of Disney classic, Lion King. This all came in succession of the film’s red carpet premiere, which will be hitting cinemas on July 17.

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The album, titled “The Lion King: The Gift”, will also be debuting on July 17 alongside the movie. Details on its contents are still under wraps but it is described as being “steeped in the sounds of Africa” and promises a curated list of music from African artists to be featured.  It will, of course, include numbers produced and performed by Beyoncé herself.

The album’s first track, Spirit, will actually feature in the Lion King remake too. It is said to come up during a “pivotal scene with Beyoncé’s character, Nala.

” However, it is unlikely that the rest of the songs on the album will appear in the film. Instead, it can be another part of the experience to look forward to!

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You can check out the single here:

What did you think of Beyonce’s ‘Spirit’?