Beyerdynamic XP series in-ear earphones: sleek and tough design

When In Manila and you seek different flavors for different genres of your music, Beyerdynamic has brought to us the Beyerdynamic XP. Not only 1, not 2, but 3! 3 in-ear earphones with different tuning for your preference! Introducing the Beyerdynamic XP1, XP2 and XP3.

 The Beyerdynamic XP1, XP2 and XP3



Packaging/Build: These Beyerdynamics came from Jaben Audio Singapore and I suspect the Jaben Audio had some work up their sleeves with the packaging. Packaging is very similar to the Hippo White earphone, and this is a good thing. I always liked how Jaben had a smooth, sleek and compact design with very durable foams and boxes that ensures no problems with shipping. Also similar is the pouches from the Hippo CriCri amp and is now also with the Beyerdynamic XP series. I also am a fan of Jaben‘s generous pouches. This is a much plus if Jaben did tie-up with the Beyerdynamic XP series. Oh and each comes with an airplane adapter. It’s pretty weird for me to have that in the package, but it is good that they at least included additional accessories and options.

On to the build, I love the build! Overall build is a win right away out of the box! The Beyerdynamic XP series comes with flat tangle free cables with “Beyerdynamic” printed on, just near both ear pieces. The cables are thick and durable enough yet, isn’t too bulky or heavy. The cable restrains are also to be duly noted. They are extra durable, having the flat cables locked on the end of the drivers, and wrapping around the end of the drivers. I doubt they will give up any faster than my other in-ears for sure! Also to be noted is how the Beyerdynamic XP1 has a metal body compare to the Beyerdynamic XP2 and 3 which have plastic ear pieces. The Beyerdynamic XP series is very stylish to boot! They have a design that is not overly screaming for attention, but are very good looking and can grab some positive looks. They are also durable and will definitely last a long time even with daily use and abuse.

 I like the Beyerdynamic XP1’s shell since it’s metal. Plus silver matches the label on the flat cables.



Sound Quality:

Beyerdynamic XP1: Bass oriented

Beyerdynamic XP2: Balanced sound

Beyerdynamic XP3: Clarity focused sound

Generally, they all have similar sound signatures which also houses the Beyerdynamic sound style that I have noticed with their headphones. The Beyerdynamic XP series are generally flat, while having the Beyerdynamic XP1 with a mid-bass hump.

Beyerdynamic XP1: it has an emphasis on the mid-bass but is not too strong or annoying. It isn’t quick mid-bass and tends to have decay reverb and is slightly boomy. The sub-bass goes down pretty well and does rumble strongly while maintaining detail to the highs and air in the mids.

Beyerdynamic XP2: overall balanced is maintained here with the mid-bass having a slight dip. The mids here are slightly bright and airy, while keeping the treble a little laid back sounding. Overall feel of the sound is a little warm compared to the XP1 and 3. The mids are more pronounced on the XP2 over the XP1 and XP3.

Beyerdynamic XP3: The XP3 has the most sparkle on the highs, there’s some spike present but nothing crazy like the MEElec M6’s crazy sibilance. The mids here are really airy and natural sounding. It is labeled for clarity, but there is still sub-bass present which is a nice mix to its clarity focus.

Overall, this is a great series from Beyerdynamic which showcases great value for the performance and specially for the build quality. I found the Beyerdynamic XP3 to have the most dynamic capabilities with different genres. Still, your preference counts and the Beyerdynamic XP series has its line-up to cover your needs. Heck, buy all 3 to cover a big group of your music collection. Each Beyerdynamic XP series in-ear earphone retails for around P2,500 from Jaben Audio Singapore.

Oh and Jaben Audio is having their roadshow this weekend! Come there if you are currently in Singapore, or will be at Singapore over the weekend to test out amazing headphones, earphones, amplifiers, tube amps and many many more high-end audio products! They are also having an hourly raffle for amazing audio products during the entire roadshow!

The name of roadshow is MOD Digital Audio Convention 2012. It will be held at Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore on the 25th to 26th of August 2012. This Saturday and Sunday already!




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Beyerdynamic XP series in-ear earphones: sleek and tough design


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