BEWARE: New Modus of Unknown Callers Threatening Victims for Money

In a post shared by Facebook user Donna Cuna Pita, she warns: “Ignore calls from unknown numbers.” According to her, she got the warning from a friend who personally experienced the horrible modus.

Here is what she wrote:

A friend sent this today. Ignore calls from unknown numbers.
Sent to me:

From a friend: hi! This is important. Please read. This happened to Ding Chanyungco’s (my colleague) sister!


Ellen Chanyungco posted on facebook September 10 at 8:15am:

I already shared my experience with some of you but would like to share it with everyone. Last Monday, my mobile phone kept on ringing at 4 AM so I forced myself to wake up thinking that it might be an emergency. The voice of a man answered: “Elena Reyes, meron akong contrata para patumbahin ka. Pero binago ng financier ko ang usapan at kailangan daw ay buong pamilya mo ang patumbahin. Wala ito sa usapan namin kaya tinawagan kita. Nandyan na sa QC ang 4 tao para patumbahin ka”.. I got shocked and ended the call. He called again and I asked him what he wanted me to do.

He said to send P150,000 by Palawan Express immediately to the name he will text me. I told him I will. I then called up the security officer of our barangay who suggested that I report the matter to the police. So at 8 AM, I was picked up by my barangay fellow kagawad to go to the police station.

While I was in his car. The guy called my phone again. “Napadala mo na ba? Kung hindi, humanda ka kasi isa sa pamilya mo ay uunahin namin.” I replied that I have to go to the bank and it opens at 9. So he said he will call after 9AM. By the time he called again I was at the police station who encouraged me to tell him that I will give the money personally at a certain place so that they can entrap him. When the guy called again. my phone was on speaker mode and the police could hear him. I told him to meet me or one of his men but he really refused that. He said “may isa akong salita, kung ayaw mo, maghintay ka after 10 minutes tumba na isa sa pamilya mo “. After that, he texted lowering the amount to P80,000, then eventually in the end to only P20,000”. To make the long story short, I ended up just blocking his number from my phone. The police said that this is a new scam similar to budol-budol and a lot of people have been victimized. So I am sharing this with you so you do not get victimized. Btw, the police called me the following day and said they were able to trace the call and it came from Davao del Norte. At least I;m relieved that it is not somebody in our area who knows my family and my whereabouts.

You can view her original post here:

Be careful, guys!

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