Best Western Premier F1 Hotel Manila : The Fort’s First Luxury Hotel!


F1 Hotel ~ here we come! 



When in Manila, I’m sure that everyone has been or at least  heard about the Bonifacio Global City or The Fort!  The Fort is known for its high rise luxurious condos, huge local and international corporations, hi-end establishments as well as some of the best restaurants in the metro! But would you believe that BGC has only 1 luxury hotel at the moment? I was also surprised so this is why Frank and I decided to check-in for a short weekend staycation at F1 Hotel to show you what they have to offer!

Best Western Premier F1 Hotel Manila only opened its doors last March this year, yet they surely have been making a lot of buzz around town! During that weekend, we didn’t feel like traveling to a far destination but we did feel the need to forget our worldly woes for a while and get loads of rest and recreation as a reward to ourselves for working hard. We believe that we all deserve to spoil ourselves and sit at the lap of luxury from time to time.

Anyway, as always, allow our photos to do the talking for us and show you some of the highlights from our stay at the F1 Hotel……




We got a bit confused when we entered the hotel because the front desk wasn’t there. 

Good thing they directed us to the right floor…




finally the front desk located at the 5th floor!




 the front desk lobby may not be very big but the space was well maximized and designed really well with pieces of furniture which will surely arouse the interest of all who sees them




 Our room…..



 we’ve decided to try out their Fort Suite: the biggest room they have right now. I heard it’s also their honeymoon suite since it has a queen size bed. It has a living room and a bedroom which also has 2 huge  LCD tvs each! The room’s color scheme was sooo relaxing with brown earth tones and the over-all interiors looked very contemporary and elegant.




 their Fort Suite was very spacious with lots of cabinets to place all your stuff. Ideal for long stays! It felt  like a chic bachelors’ pad or a really cozy condo. The ambiance was very modern yet homey! It’s also our 1st time to see a hotel room without carpeting! We loved the wooden flooring! It gave it that homey feel!




 the bathroom was a bit small though but it was still very comfortable. We would have to say that when we checked in, it lacked one set of vanity kits. The shower was very relaxing, it didn’t take long for the water to heat-up. The experience was pleasurable!




 Frank checking out the bathroom! We’re quite experienced when it comes to hotels so we’re very keen with details.

We hope they can also include a hair dryer in the future




 I super loved our room! It had huge windows overlooking BGC, a 36′ LCD cable tv, super nice lighting, earthy brown tones which were ultra relaxing to the eyes and a queen size cozy bed and large soft pillows which will make you just wanna sleep the whole day! More like a dream room to me! I always wanted a room like this!



 Lunch Time….



after checking in and settling our stuff, we went to their hotel restaurant for a late lunch

FYI: the restaurant is located at the 3rd floor





 for starters we had some Atlantic Smoked Salmon with Herb Relish, Feta and Balsamic Dressing!




I had Fillet of Mahi-Mahi with buttered veggies and huge fries on the side 



while Frank had the Spicy Grilled Free Range Spring Chicken with Roast Potato, Oven Dried Tomato and Onion Rocket



 We were blown away by this dish. Reminded us about 2 of our most favorite places on earth. I can’t believe how such a simple dish could have the power to take you places without even having to leave. 

A load of memories all in 1 plate. It was a sort of “Ratatouille” moment for us! 




 after that memorable lunch, we checked out the Poolside lounge




 too bad we forgot to bring our swim wears with us that time hihii




  the Canary Lounge




 After a quick nap, we where invited by the staff to visit their exclusive Premier Lounge which is only offered to long staying clients and VIPs….. ehem ehem (lols)




 here at F1 Hotel’s Premier Lounge, you may read books, surf online, conduct meetings, sip some wine and enjoy sweets and treats!




 a very ideal place to hangout and conduct meetings 



 you can even enjoy some wine and pica-picas while appreciating an overlooking view of BGC




 some of the appetizers offered at F1 Hotel‘s Premier Lounge




 Dinner time…

Around 9pm we decided to have our later dinner so we both headed to the restaurant to try their buffet this time!



 The dining area wasn’t really that big but it looked very nice and presentable with its high ceilings and cozy seats




 hmmmm we were both very curious with their stations..




 the 1st thing I saw! yey!




 I felt trying out their pasta that night so I asked their chef to prep me some pesto cream pasta with loads of cheese!




 Frank on the other hand requested for a Classic Carbonara




 meet aspiring Chef Dane handing me my pesto!




 hmmmm it’s our 1st time to see pizza  served in  a hotel buffet…

It tasted ok but we believe the crust can still be improved. It should be evenly crunchy!








 It didn’t look like it came from a buffet….




 Frank: my eating mate, travel mate, shutter buddy lahat lahat na! It’s always a pleasure to be with him.  He keeps me grounded and pushes for the good. A great chemistry is what we both share. We always have a grand time together! My dream is to make him chubby! =)




 the ever happy me!




 Their pastas were divine! Rich creamy and full flavored. It had all the elements of a great tasting pasta!




 I had my most unforgettable pesto cream pasta that night! Couldn’t ask for more!




 After that super filling dinner, it was once again time to rest.

Forget about those outdated doorknob hangers! Here at F1 Hotel, the room numbers, Make Up Room and Do Not Disturbed signs are in digital! High tech!




Next Morning… 



 a shot which Frank took at 6am….. (Thanks Frank!)




 for breakfast we ordered their F1  Breakfast! Loaded with all lean meats, perfectly fried hash browns and scrambled eggs to keep you all full throughout the day! I believe that if they pair these with a better selection of breads and jams, then this meal will surely be more power packed!




a photo of us with an overlooking view of Makati at the background




Best Western Premier F1 Hotel Manila is yet another very promising luxury business hotel worthy of  visiting! With further training and continuous improvements, I’m sure that F1 Hotel can keep up with their market’s demands! They got a really great location for a hotel and they should really take advantage of it. F1 Hotel ~ where business meets pleasure! Another MUST Experience when in Manila!





Best Western Premier F1 Hotel Manila 

Contact Information:
Address: 32nd Street Bonifacio Global City
Telephone: (63.2) 928.9888
Fax: (63.2) 928.1888

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Best Western Premier F1 Hotel Manila : The Fort’s First Luxury Hotel!


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