Best Pet Supplies in the Philippines: Cat Litter and Cat Shampoo from Our Cat

Pet supplies such as cat litter and cat shampoo are often available in local pet stores, but they’re not always that easy to find, or worse, they’re not always that effective.

When in Manila and you own a cat, check out Our Cat’s pet supplies and pick from a variety of cat litter and cat shampoo scents.


We have 3 adopted cats at home namely Chase, Sari and Cali. Chase was the offspring of a cat I brought home back in my college days while Sari and Cali were both still kittens when I found them on the streets and decided to give them a home.


My 3 cats all have their own personalities and attitudes, of them all, Chase is usually the one who gets into the most trouble as he knocks down displays, “runs” on walls (he pounces on them like a ninja cat!), and loves escaping through the front door and rushing upward to our neighbors’ roofs! He ends up filthier than ever. So I figured it was the perfect time to try out his new cat shampoo!


Cat Shampoo by Our Cat 


Pet Supplies Cat Litter and Cat Shampoo 04

Pet Supplies Cat Litter and Cat Shampoo 05

Chase picking the Eucalyptus cat shampoo scent twice


“Our Cat” has 6 different cat shampoo scents to choose from, all of which smell really good and each with its own benefits! There are Fresh Cucumber (Adds Shine and provides healthy skin), Cool Cologne (Moisturize the skin irritated by environment conditions), Scent Free (for cats that prefer no scent. However it also cleanse the pet from bacteria and unwanted diseases), Pink Rose (Antiseptic, Relieves Stress, Boosts Blood Circulation), Tea Tree Oil (nti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory), and Eucalyptus (Conditions skin, promotes healing, flea repellent) cat shampoos.I personally loved the cool cologne scent, but Chase seemed to really like that Eucalyptus cat shampoo! The Our Cat shampoo is made from all natural ingredients and is a SOAP FREE shampoo. Hence, it does not remove the oil or moisture from our pet’s skin. Just FYI, our pets need this oil to protect their skin from irritation and other skin related diseases. 


Pet Supplies Cat Litter and Cat Shampoo 01

Cali on the other hand prefers the Pink Rose cat shampoo.


Bath Time using Our Cat shampoo. Eucalyptus fresh!


Pet Supplies Cat Litter and Cat Shampoo 06

Gotta stay put Chase!



Pet Supplies Cat Litter and Cat Shampoo 07

Cutey kitten Cali enjoying her 2nd bath ever!


Cat Litter by Our Cat 

After a nice warm bath, I figured it was time to replace their usual cat litter with “Our Cat” litter too!


Pet Supplies Cat Litter and Cat Shampoo 03

 My three cats getting in the way of the photo! LOL


“Our Cat” litter has 4 different scents, and I absolutely love it! The scent is so strong (in a good way) that you’d actually think it wasn’t just cat litter! The cat litter scents available are Baby Powder, Floral, Citrus Lemon and Unscented. We decided to first try out the Baby Powder cat litter.


Pet Supplies Cat Litter and Cat Shampoo 08

Filling up their litter box


At first, I was thinking that my cats might not like the new scent and might end up doing their business elsewhere, but as soon as we finished pouring the cat litter, Chase starts sniffing around.


Pet Supplies Cat Litter and Cat Shampoo 09

Still wet from his bath and ready to do his business!


Being a cat owner, I like cat litter that clumps! It really helps when it’s time to tidy up the litter box. So I decided to get a glass of water and try it out. Voila, it works!


Pet Supplies Cat Litter and Cat Shampoo 11


Not only did it clump faster compared to my usual cat litter, but after clumping, it no longer breaks apart! I picked up that bulk of sand and threw it in the trashcan without even breaking it. That sure saves a lot of cat litter! Moreover, the size of the particles were just right. They weren’t too small that they end up flying all over, and they weren’t too big that they seem like pebbles. The size was perfect for my cats.


Our Cat




Our Cat pet supplies and pet care needs are available at the following stores:

  • Pet Express
  • Dogs In The City
  • Animal House
  • Doggie Land (San Juan, Mandaluyong, Tiendesitas, Cartimar)
  • Pet Zone
  • ACE Hardware
  • SM Supermarkets
  • SM Hypermart
  • Savemore
  • Handyman
  • True Value
  • Unimart
  • Mercury Drug
  • Cherry Foodarama
  • Makati Supermarket
  • Cash & Carry
  • South Supermarket
  • Take and Care Dog Shop (Davao)


Best Pet Supplies in the Philippines: Cat Litter and Cat Shampoo from Our Cat