Best Hotel in Manila: A Staycation at the Sofitel


It was only our first night and already we got to have coffee and snacks at Club Millesime, borrowed a movie, had a 90-minute massage at Le Spa and a fantastic dinner at Spiral. Our staycation was already more than worth it and we had two more days to look forward to.

The second morning was spent having our breakfast at spiral, touring the hotel grounds, lounging by the pool and finally falling asleep under the coconut trees in their stylish yet comfortable lounge chairs.



we love how there’s always a cozy area to hang out and chat with other guests or enjoy it alone or with someone special


a tennis court is also found in the hotel grounds.

SHY_3777 2

You may bring your kids in this cute playroom filled with toys and books


have drinks by the pool anytime of the day or catch the sunrise or the sunset either on the lounge chairs or sunset bar


These seats have become a personal favorite as they are found in choice spots around the hotel


The Pool at Sofitel is unique in a way that it makes you feel that you are in a resort somewhere away from the City.


even when it turns dark, Sofitel looks absolutely enchanting. I can pretend that I am indeed away from the City.

SHY_3852 2

after our morning tour


without originally meaning to, we ended up taking a quick nap here


It’s funny how we’ve booked here a couple of times and shot a number of weddings here and yet never knew until this particular visit that there was a sports bar in the hotel grounds. We knew we had to visit. We were told that a lot of popular sports matches that are usually televised are shown here. They use a huge projector screen, make sure drinks are all around and as expected, it becomes some sort of mini event. Too bad there wasn’t a match when we dropped by, but still, it’s definitely a place to consider when you and your friends want to watch an important match like the Manny Pacquiao boxing matches, football games, rugby, Formula 1 —- the list is endless.




A poster of our very own Manny Paquiao hangs front and center at the back wall. A pool table and a foosball table is also there for you and your friends to enjoy.


A visit to the gym is always a must for us whether we’re booked in a hotel or not so we decided to hit the gym at So Fit which is again, just within the hotel grounds. I’m telling you, there’s just no need for me to go out of the hotel for the stuff that I need! And because we usually look hot and sweaty (and not in a good way) when in the gym, I just took some photos of our personal trainer teaching us how to use the Kinesis technogym system. The Kinesis machines are state-of-the-art strength training machines designed to engage multiple muscles which limit the amount of time spent in the gym compared to the more traditional exercise machines. Sofitel is the only hotel chain  in the world that carries this brand making So Fit the best gym in Manila. I say it’s always good to visit any gym while on vacation to make sure you can enjoy trying different cuisines without worrying about putting on more weight.





After the gym and a few hours of rest, we capped off our second night lounging by the pool and then finally headed to our room and enjoyed a bottle of wine, cheese and a movie.



By night, the pool looks even more enchanting


it’s Always good to curl up with a good movie to end your day

On our last day, after a full and heavy breakfast, we dropped by Vietura, an Aesthetic Lifestyle Institute that was just once again, within the hotel grounds. Vietura offers a range of treatments and services that promote holistic balance. Their services include anti-aging procedures, colonics, cosmetic dentistry, facial contouring and body sculpting. I thought it would be good to visit while we were already in Sofitel. My husband consulted a dentist and I sought advice regarding a skin allergy I was having. The staff, doctors and nurses were all very helpful. I really liked that they didn’t just sell me their products and services, but that they took the time to sit down and listen to my concerns and eventually make their expert recommendations. For those who would like to have more anonymity, a back door may be used to get into the clinic.

Vietura has a unique and comprehensive approach to wellness. They are also the first aesthetic institute inside a luxury hotel in the country. They combine aesthetic procedures with integrative medicine and lifestyle coaching. Vietura provides a hundred percent  non-invasive treatment programs tailor-made for each individual. All these makes them the best beauty staycation in Manila. 




After a last stop at the pool after lunch and a quick shower, we had an easy check out process at Club Millesime and left the hotel feeling ever so relaxed and pampered and once again, ready to take on the new challenges of the world.

So to cap off our 3 day staycation, we’ve managed to do all sorts of things that allowed us to have one of the best vacations ever, without taking a step outside the gorgeous hotel —- we booked a massage, consulted a team of aesthetic lifestyle experts, got facial treatments, got to see a dentist, ate meals fit for Kings and Queens, hung out at a sports bar, lounged by the gorgeous pool, went to the gym, and still managed to have a lot of time to relax and enjoy our vacation!   


spiral 3

So if I were you, look no more for that perfect staycation or vacation spot in Manila. I, like so many others, found Sofitel to be the best hotel in Manila. Now it’s your turn to discover what the hype is all about. I warn you though, your staycation in Sofitel may be habit-forming because your first stay definitely won’t be your last. Enjoy Sofitel when in Manila!


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 Best Hotel in Manila: A Staycation at the Sofitel

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