The Berliner Sausages: Mercato Centrale’s Must-Try Hidden Gem

One of the busiest central business districts in Metro Manila is Bonifacio Global City, also known as BGC. People from all walks of life go in and out of this small city for work, leisure, downtime, and of course, food.

Mercato Centrale has been a go-to BGC food hub for those who want to grab a bite after work and during the wee hours of the day. With more than a dozen food stalls to choose from, who would have thought that there’s a stall inside that offers quality sausages at the most reasonable prices?

Whether you’re looking for some pulutan, need a pre-meal before your drinking session, want some variety to your pulutan, or simply want to try out something new for dinner; Berliner Sausages is at Mercato Centrale to fill your bellies with a sausage fest.

For the price of Php168, you can get a taste of Berlin in just a snap. Berliner Sausages is the newest food stall in Mercato Centrale, BGC. They offer quality sausages without hurting your wallet.

Their Berlin-inspired menu consists of three sausages:

The Bratwurst is their bestselling sausage partnered with a special sauce and a side of fries or bread. Their Berliner’s special sauce gives the sausage an “oomph” to makes your dining experience special.

The Leberkase is their version of meatloaf. It’s pan-frilled German meatloaf that goes well with a side of bread or rice. It’s also the perfect choice for their SossyLog—your favorite Filipino silog but with a German twist for only Php99!

Last on their menu is the Nurnberger. Think of it as an international longganisa. They use the Nurnberger for their hamburger, too, instead of a usual burger patty. Pair it with fries for a full gastronomic experience. In fact, pair anything on their menu with an ice-cold beer or any cold drinks while you’re at it for a full German dinner.

The Berliner Sausages

Mercato Centrale, Bonifacio Global City

Wednesdays to Saturdays, 6PM – 4AM


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