Benibana Beauty Hub: The One-Stop Hub for Your Pamper Day 

Do you ever go to one store to another just to complete your pamper day? You spend some time walking when you should just be doing the very essence of a pamper day—relaxing! Thankfully, Benibana Beauty Hub wants to give you maximum convenience with uttermost quality and comfort in their service. 

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Benibana Beauty Hub is a beauty hub located at Flossom Place Compound, San Juan City. Named after a beautiful Japanese flower, it translates as “one who can withstand any weather”—exactly how you’ll come out as after you immerse yourself in the Benibana experience. You will be feeling better, neater, and more confident to go about whatever it is you have on your agenda. 

Their interior is absolutely amazing. Since the store name is based on a flower, it’s only fitting that they have a nature-themed décor. You would see plants everywhere to go along their minimalist pastel background. It’s really pretty and you’d appreciate the ambiance given that it’s relaxing to the eyes and they have a lounge music you’d surely hum along to. If anything, I could imagine this beauty hub in a resort—that’s how in-line they are with the theme. 

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Benibana Beauty Hub’s specialty is that they have every service you need for a complete pampering. From head to toe, you could expect that you’ll be well-groomed by stylists who are trained to be efficient all-around. If you think that it’s better to go to specialized stores (e.g. store specifically for hair, for brows, etc.) because they do it better, Benibana Beauty Hub assures you quality in each service. They make use of the best product and, of course, train the people to hone their craft and learn new techniques to make an exceptional outcome. 

My friend and I went to Benibana Beauty Hub for a pamper day and here’s how our day went!


To start off, I decided to get a trim because I wanted my sides to look a little neater. I told the hairstylist to surprise me with a hairstyle he thinks looks best on me so long as my sides are trimmed down to a 1 and hair are made thinner.  

I appreciated the fact that the barber was very keen with details because he took his time just to make sure I was satisfied with my hair. Needless to say, I loved how it turned out. For just PHP 300.00, this one is definitely worth its price. 04DSC 1162 1

Hair coloring, rebonding, and other treatments are also available! Their hair coloring is one of the most availed services in Benibana Beauty Hub.


Meanwhile, while waiting for my haircut to end, my friend had her nails done and was very pleased with their Gel Manicure and Pedicure. It’s a specialty of theirs that women get because, after getting your nail polished, they use Blue Sky Gel Nail Polish to color them. It’s smooth and matte-like, but the best part is the gel could last a month!  

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You could choose from a variety of colors. After deciding on which color to get, you’ll get the perfect nails in no time. 

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While doing a hair treatment, you could have someone do your nails at the same time—talk about convenience!  

Make Up 

Benibana is deemed as a beauty hub for a reason because they also have semi-permanent make-up services to make you look even more glowing. Be it for a party, for a photoshoot, or even just an everyday look, they can give you a makeover like the Ombre Powdered Eyebrows, Microblading Eyebrow, Lip Tint, and etc. They have this “Korean Nano BB Glow” and it’s a procedure to help you achieve that radiant and poreless skin for up to 4 months! Take note, however, that it is recommended to have at least 3-6 sessions of it for best results.


My friend tried the Japanese Lash Lift and loved how her eyes looked afterward. Her eyelashes appeared thicker, which helped emphasize her eyes more. What she loved the most is the fact it’s all natural; they didn’t use any mascara. 

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What they did was do a Digital Lash Rebirth first, a nano needling treatment that makes the lashes grow longer, thicker, and stronger. Sounds scary? Don’t be because you can bet that it’s absolutely pain-free. Then after that, they proceeded with the Japanese Lash Lift where they give the eyelashes a natural flair that could last up to 8 weeks. 

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Lastly, no pamper day is complete without a facial. It’s undeniable that the urban life subjects our faces so much dirt, so it’s a good idea to have it cleaned by experts so we could have a clearer-looking skin. Their Benibana Basic Facial is a classic and it only costs PHP 650.00. With that amount, your pores will be cleaned, dead skins will be exfoliated, and other skin concern will be treated with their custom mask to cap it all off. 

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Other facial services include: Basic Diamond Peel Facial, Japanese Organic Seaweed Peeling, Anti-Aging Program, etc.

Overall, we had a great day and we loved how chill Benibana Beauty Hub was. Having a well-ventilated and well-designed area with wifi and good food nearby is already a plus, but the convenience and quality you get there is what makes going to Benibana Beauty Hub absolutely worth it. If you’re about to set your next pamper day, you now know the best place to do it! 

Benibana Beauty Hub

Flossom Place Compound
1500, 187 N Averilla, San Juan, Metro Manila
Facebook and Instagram: @benibanabeautyhub