Bellevue Panglao Bohol – The Country’s Latest Paradise

Bellevue, that commanding luxury hotel located in the heart of Manila’s South, now has a ‘sister’ in the Visayas! Bellevue Panglao Bohol is, as the name implies, located in Panglao Island, about thirty minutes from Tagbilaran Airport, Bohol proper. It’s a paradise – but don’t take my word for it: let the pictures and the facilities blow you away!


Bellevue Panglao Bohol


Panglao is a picturesque and hilly island off Bohol of Chocolate Hills and tarsiers fame. Due to Panglao’s sheer natural beauty, I chose it as the location of my first full marathon last September. The hilly terrain made for tough running, but at the end of the day, I could look forward to a relaxing tour and dinner of a beautiful island resort, Bellevue Panglao Bohol



Bellevue Panglao Bohol





This paradise is accessible via car, taxi, and/or motorcycles, all via Tagbilaran City, where you will land if you take a plane ride to Bohol. Private motorcycles are available for rent, and I highly recommend this is your transportation; the low population density of Panglao Island makes for a safe and fast rides (plus the road literally goes around the island). 



Bellevue Panglao Bohol




Bellevue Panglao Bohol truly stands out because of three things: the beach, the facilities, and the food. The beach is dreamy and simply asking to be photographed (with or without you!) and just a few steps away from the hotel proper. If pools are more of your swimming thing, no problem! A large infinity pool gives you unobstructed view of the clear and blue Visayan waters. Divers will have a fun time here too as there’s a large and deep diving pool! How many resorts can claim to have those?


There are large and spacious rooms in the resorts’ main wings, all fronting the beach. If pure uncontested luxury is your thing when in Bohol, Bellevue Panglao Bohol offers a tower room; you will enjoy pure pleasure as you view your surroundings in unbroken, 360-degrees







As for food, this resort is no different from its Manila sister; fantastic. Having just torched two days’ worth of calories in about five hours, I could barely wait to enjoy the treat Bellevue Panglao Bohol had in store for me! I’ll let the pictures do the talking this time. In order, I had a delicious appetizer (which had unique and tasty flower petals), soup with chunks of lobster, a lamb rack entree, and sweet mouthfuls of dessert. 










So when in Bohol, there’s nowhere else to go when you’re after top-notch island relaxation, world-class facilities, excellent food prepared by internationally-acclaimed chefs, and of course, that feeling of classy luxury. Bellevue Panglao Bohol has got your holiday plans covered!



That’s me on the left, wearing my PF team shirt.



For more information, do visit their webpage at Bellevue Panglao Bohol.


Bellevue Panglao Bohol



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