Being A Mermaid Is A Real Job In The Philippines And This Is What It’s Like

For all the little girls and boys who grew up watching mermaids like Ariel or Aquamarine and wanted nothing more than to have their own pair of fins, your dreams might just have a chance of coming true. Apparently, you can be a real-life professional Mermaid in the Philippines, just like mermaid Amarie. 

Photo courtesy of The Pinay Mermaid

Amarie says that being a mermaid “may sound [like] a dreamy job and not a lot of people are aware that it actually exist, but it does.” She describes her workweek as revolving around teaching Mermaid classes, mermaid events, appearing on television as a Mermaid character with meetings and proposals in between. And this is something anyone can do, with the right training and dedication. 

Amarie’s interest began with freediving and scuba diving then evolved into mermaiding. As she learned the technicals of it her love for the ocean grew and so did her advocacy for marine conservation. She has also founded a community of Mermaids in the Philippines and represented the Philippines as an athlete in an international Mermaid Competition. 

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At the end of the day, all Amarie hopes to do is to push people towards pursuing their dreams no matter how otherworldly it may seem at first. “It may take a lot of continuous training, hard work and even heartaches to make those dreams a reality but at the end of the day, it is worth it and it is seeing your dreams come to life,” she shares.

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